Foundations for Progress: Building an Inclusive Culture

Hear construction leaders and social equality experts discuss the importance of building a more inclusive industry.

September 15, 2020 | 11:00AM PT

Martha Feeback
Senior Director of Corporate Engagement, Catalyst, Inc.
George Hanible
VP of Contract Compliance, Dragados USA, Inc.
Valerie Jackson
Sr. Dir. of Global I&D, Procore
Silvia Siqueira
Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Hilti North America

Help build an industry where every voice is heard.

Join construction leaders and social equality experts for a virtual roundtable to explore how construction companies can build a culture that promotes inclusion and diversity.

Making progress in the journey towards a more inclusive and diverse industry is central to our mission of improving the lives of everyone in construction. Procore is committed to creating space for construction professionals to lead, listen, and grow together.

Hear panelists discuss:

  • Practical steps to build a more inclusive culture that drives diversity.
  • How to measure and define progress.
  • Actionable plans for industry leaders.

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