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Letter from Procore Founder, President, and CEO Tooey Courtemanche

The construction industry is one of the largest and most important industries in the world. It is responsible for building, maintaining, and powering the places where we live, learn, work, and play. It’s also one of the toughest industries to work in, defined by complexity, constant uncertainty, and high risk. Looking past the chaos of the job site, you find incredible individuals—the builders, designers, developers, engineers, and tradespeople—who are up for the challenge and find great purpose in building the world around us. 

The Intersection of Construction and Technology

I’ve always been passionate about building things, and I’ve often straddled two worlds that felt disconnected: construction and technology. In my student days, I worked in a cabinet shop and on construction job sites. Later, after trying my hand as a real estate developer, I discovered the world of software. Being immersed in the Silicon Valley 1990s tech boom inspired me to found my first startup, Webcage. That company enabled Fortune 1000 companies to move from analog call centers to web-enabled self-service intranet technologies. I learned firsthand the impact digital transformation could have on many different industries.

Several years later, I started building my own home. I was shocked to discover that, despite the sweeping impact of technology across most sectors, the construction industry still largely relied on manual processes. Everything from the project schedule and budget to the inevitable and endless change orders that occur on a construction project was handled through increasingly outdated communication channels such as fax, phone, and paper. Across the industry, inefficient practices and costly rework led to suppressed profitability and immense physical waste. So I started Procore, based on my steadfast belief in the power of bringing humans and technology together to transform industries and improve lives. I chose the name Procore since our technology would enable people in the construction industry to focus on their PROfessional CORE competencies—in other words, their craft.

The product didn’t immediately take off, as at the time, the industry didn’t have the infrastructure to fully benefit from a cloud-based offering. In fact, it took over a decade for devices like smartphones and tablets, as well as Wi-Fi, to become ubiquitous on job sites. Once that happened, our customers were able to fully leverage the power of Procore in the field, and our growth really accelerated. Our platform helped project teams collaborate more easily by connecting owners, general contractors, specialty contractors, architects, and engineers in one place. We built more solutions for our existing customers and expanded to serve new stakeholders and international markets. 

The People Who Build the World

Procore’s north star, from day one, has been to put people first in everything we do. This informs how we treat our customers, employees, and how we build our products. It drives us to build customer-first products and culture-first teams.

Behind every successful project, there are great people. That’s why we partner hand-in-hand with our customers to ensure the next generation of our products tackle their biggest challenges. Our customers also have access to real, in-house customer support representatives who are there to help every step of the way.

The Journey Ahead

Procore is connecting everyone in construction on a global platform. That has been our mission since Procore was founded in 2002. Only when we have all the people, systems, and data working together on one platform can we reap the ultimate benefits of construction technology.

When people ask me what my goal is for the future of Procore, my answer is simple: I never want to stop providing people in the construction industry with technology that makes their lives easier, safer, and more productive.

Tooey Courtemanche, CEO

Tooey Courtemanche, CEO

Tooey Courtemanche
Procore Founder, President, and CEO

Procore was built on three fundamental ideas

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Listen to the problems our customers have.

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Develop easy-to-use solutions to these problems.

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Ensure our clients are able to use these products immediately.

Procore helps firms drastically increase project efficiency and accountability by streamlining and mobilizing project communications and documentation. This real time data and accessibility minimizes costly risks and delays—ultimately boosting profits.

Using our award-winning suite of project management tools, over 2 Million registered Procore users across the globe manage all types of construction projects including industrial plants, office buildings, apartment complexes, university facilities, retail centers, and more.

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