Top 3 Issues Facing the Trades & How Technology Can Help

January 25, 2023 | 11:00 AM PST

Global feedback on profitability, labor, and new technology.

How do small trade contractors manage profit rates differently from larger ones? How are specialty contractors using technology to mitigate low productivity tasks and work flows? Dodge Data and Procore have worked together to gather the answers to these questions and more. These findings can be found in the report "Top Issues For Specialty Contractors."

In this webinar we invite you to join Will Lehrmann and Brian Davis from Procore, and Dodge Data’s Steve Jones as they do a deep dive into the report and share new perspectives on its findings, such as:

  • 32% of project revenue is lost to unbilled or unpaid change orders
  • 20% of worker hours are spent on low-productivity tasks
  • 33% of current staff plan to retire within five years


Will Lehrmann

Head of Product for Specialty Contractors, Procore

Steve Jones

Senior Director, Industry Insights Research, Dodge Data & Analytics

Brian Davis

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Procore

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