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Procore's all-in-one platform provides users with a comprehensive suite of project management tools to maximize collaboration and efficiency.

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Why We're #1

Dustin Stoudt

"Procore saves time by increasing collaboration. We recently replaced a six-person contractor with a four-person team to do the same job. That profit margin alone paid for nearly two years of Procore."

Dustin Stoudt // Jones & Carter


Sylvia Lamas

"Since we started using Procore over the last year, we were able to increase our sales by over 60%. We know that without Procore we wouldn't have been able to handle that amount of work."

Sylvia Lamas // Wells Construction


Dain Fontenot

"Hard copy drawing sets can cost up to $1200 each, you multiply that by 3 changes and 5 separate copies of that and you're looking at $18,000 that Procore could save you on just one drawing set."

Dain Fontenot // B.E.T. Construction


General Contractor  learn more >

From selecting vendors to punching out your projects, Procore offers contractors a comprehensive project management platform. Procore's financial, field, document management, and mobile tools are used on projects of all sizes to ensure efficiency, mitigate risk, and increase profits.

"Procore is many things to us. It's our online information portal. Procore allows us to share all our project information. It allows us to notify each other of issues or requests for information. Procore is where we store all of our project documents, all of our job site photos, all of the paperwork relative to the job site, and even our daily logs. We don't have to clog up clients' email sending this information back and forth."

Chuck Taylor // Englewood Construction, Inc.

Construction Manager  learn more >

Whether you are a CM at Risk or a CM for Fee, Procore provides a project management platform to keep the owner informed and the project team on task. Easy to use tools for reporting, field documentation, and financial data work in unison to ensure project success.

"Rather than having a lot of this information living outside of the system and just through email, we wanted anything coming inbound, in the system. Time is money, and if I'm trying to dig up documents, the quicker I have access to them, the better decisions I make, which are typically cheaper decisions. The ability to have any piece of information at your fingertips gives you better and quicker decision-making power."

Tim Kelly // Satterfield & Pontikes

Owner  learn more >

By simply logging in to Procore, owners get valuable insight into project health, understand the financial impact of changes, easily identify bottlenecks, and prevent costly changes in scope. Stakeholders can accurately forecast and ensure team members work towards the same goal.

"Procore has been the main catalyst for driving positive process changes. From the inception of a project to completion, Procore allows us to capture all the key requirements and details necessary to successfully manage a construction project. Procore has proven to be a game changer by allowing us to automate, centralize, organize and document all the necessary construction requirements and decisions that impact the course of projects. Procore has provided us with the tool to connect with project team members in the most efficient manner."

Todd Seip // Geisinger

Specialty Contractor  learn more >

Projects run smoothly when team members understand their tasks and are held accountable. By having access to up-to-date drawings, contracts, documents, schedules, and contacts, specialty contractors can consistently reach project milestones.

"It's also a central place for our folks to get ahold of the documents they need – being a specialty contractor, we've got folks in the office, but also some on the job site, in our fabrication facilities, and so on. So it helps us standardize how we store, gather, and distribute that information."

Kyle Smith // The Porter Company

Engineering Firm  learn more >

For engineering firms and architects, Procore offers fast and efficient ways to distribute drawings and ensure the team is working from the current set. Procore's ball-in-court system gets questions answered as they arise without unnecessary delay.

"We have been able to use Procore to expand the services offered to our clients, while simultaneously reducing the time commitment and resources involved. I am able to do the work of 4 people with the use of Procore's tools."

Dustin Stoudt // Jones & Carter