How Procore Protects Your Data in the Cloud


Procore was built to improve the lives of everyone in construction by connecting people, information, and tools in a single, digital HQ. See how we protect your data in the cloud so you can feel confident building on a secure platform.

You'll learn how Procore:

  • Makes it possible to connect teams on a single platform.
  • Limits data access with built-in data protections and controls.
  • Offloads time-consuming tasks as your IT departments' trusted partner.
  • Follows industry data privacy and security protocol standards.


Jason Blanton

Security, Infrastructure and Compliance, Procore

Cory Kantar

Sr. Manager, Security Operations, Procore

Steve Arring

Product Director, Security, Procore

PJ Singh

Product Director, Infrastructure, Procore

Naha Parekh

Associate General Counsel, Global Data Protection & Privacy, Procore

Julie Vasquez

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Procore

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