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Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Embrace. Engage. Empower.

We’re on a mission to connect construction and technology to the tools, resources, and community we need to build a more inclusive and diverse future. Join us now. 

Diverse group of workers

Our Commitment to Drive Change

Together, we can create more inclusive and diverse workplaces and communities. I am optimistic that, as a society, we are on the precipice of positive change. Procore is committed to doing our part to help drive that change by finding ways to purposefully support this work with our resources, voices, and actions. If you'd like to be a part of our efforts, join us."

Procore CEO Tooey Courtemanche

Tooey Courtemanche

Founder, President, CEO, Chairperson

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How we're helping the industry, our communities, and our employees build better together.

Diverse group of individuals


Building Inclusion

Equipping teams with free, online courses designed to build more inclusive, productive, and profitable workplaces.

Construction worker on a jobsite


Change happens collectively. Let's get started.

Taking the first steps towards making your business more inclusive and diverse is easier with community. Get started by diving into:

  • Live, virtual events featuring social equality experts

  • On demand webinars that highlight the efforts of construction leaders

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Illustration of Construction Software analytics


The Data on Diversity and Women in Construction

In this webinar we'll celebrate the progress we've made, and review the results of a recent construction retention survey that uncovers why women and people of color leave construction.

Group of people having a conversation


Learn about efforts to move our communities forward.

There are teams everywhere in construction and technology that are addressing possible solutions and advocating for real change. Dive in to learn about:

  • What's being done to drive change in construction 

  • Actionable steps that can have lasting impacts

  • How to keep the conversation going with your team

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A woman wearing safety equipment and two other women working in a computer in the back


Celebrating Women in Construction Week By Championing Diverse Voices

More women are working in construction than ever recorded in the United States.

Procore’s Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Procore is committed to providing a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace for everyone, including our employees. ERGs are just one way we encourage Procorians to foster and shape cultures of belonging through education, leadership programs, and networking so we can all be empowered to reach our full potential.

neurodiversity_logo illustrated icon

A Better Life for Everyone

Increasing awareness of visible or invisible disabilities and neurodiversity.

API_Logo_Native illustrated icon

Asian Pacific Islander

Align with Procore’s True to Your Core Pillars; connect all Procorians and those in Construction who are in the API Community and Allies, to support everyone to thrive.

parentsvillage_logo illustrated icon


Cultivating and advocating for inclusive policies and community for all caregivers, and those who support caregivers, at Procore.

Jewcorians illustrated icon


Together, foster a culture of community that embraces our rich Jewish heritage, inspires engagement, and offers support to our community and its allies.

ERG_Logo_ProBLAC illustrated icon


Provide an inclusive network primarily focused on building community and support for Procorians of Black African descent.

ProQueer illustrated icon


Works to create a safe environment that embraces and celebrates diversity for the wide range of sexual orientations and gender identities through supporting individual people, our local communities, and Procore.

procoreunidos_logo illustrated icon


Educating and celebrating ourselves and our community on the experiences of Latinx, Hispanic, and Spanish-speaking Procorians through outreach activities and celebratory events to create a more inclusive space.

veterans_logo illustrated icon


Creating a community where Procore veterans can come together and continue to serve.

pwa_logo illustrated icon

Women’s Impact Network

Empowering the growth of women at Procore with resources to make it happen.


Join the conversation

This is the time to turn momentum into actual progress. Join our Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging Community group to be part of the discussion, learn from others' experiences, and share your story.