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Move from bid to build faster.

Help bid managers reduce turnaround time with a single platform for creating bid packages, finding the strongest possible bids, and converting bids to subcontracts.

Procore tendering tool

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Send out bids in minutes.

  • Easily create, manage, and track bid invitations
  • Manage all bids that your company has been invited to
  • Award a bid and convert it to a contract in the project’s Commitments
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Procore tendering tool

Keep everything in one place.

  • Easily create, manage, and track bid invitations
  • Compare bids so that you can more easily decide who to award a contract to
  • Manage scope and cost information to standardize the responses that are being received from bidders
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Procore tendering tool

“The Bidding tool took 3 solid days of work—putting together bids, distributing paper copies, and more—and reduced it to 5 hours.”

Todd Seip


“I have only ever bid one project not using Procore and it required much more communication over phone and email in order to keep everyone on the same page.”

Nick Firth

Firth, Wind, and Fire Accounting

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Drive engagement with a modern bidding experience.

Connect everyone and everything on one platform. Build better.

Work more efficiently, communicate better, and build faster from a single source of truth. See how you can do more on the leading construction management platform.

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Who uses bid management software?

Teamwork works better when everyone has an invite to collaborate. That's why we built Procore Bid Management to allow every stakeholder in the bidding process—from your executives, estimators, and project team to the partners you invite to bid—to collaborate in a single platform. This reduces the time required to manage bids, creates greater visibility into bidder activity, and centralizes all data in one place.

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Why use bid management software?

Manual and paper-based bid management is a time-consuming and expensive process. Between creating bid packages, distributing the plans and specifications needed to create accurate bids, and tracking the coverage of every trade—the potential for savings on administrative and overhead fees are enough to justify an investment in software.

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What are some features of construction management software?

According to Software Advice, some of the features to look for in a construction bid management software are: contact management, a custom form builder, a project calendar, a subcontractor portal, and communication template library. Procore's all-in-one platform allows you to do all of this, plus, prequalify potential partners, convert bids to contracts that update your budget, and manage your people, projects, resources, and financials through closeout.

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Can the software be integrated with other products?

Yes! Procore's open API allows for you to integrate with any software that helps you streamline the bidding process. One of the most popular is Procore's Docusign integration. It allows you to e-sign, seal, and deliver contracts immediately—no snail mail or postage required. If you already have bid management software, check the AppMarketplace to see if there is a readily available integration.

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What is the bid management process?

Procore's bid management process is as easy as create, invite, convert. Create your bid in minutes with autopopulated project info, documents, drawings, specs, and more that are pulled in from Procore Project Management. Send invitations to bid out the work with the click of a button and monitor all bid activity from a single dashboard. Once you've selected the best bid for the job, convert it into a subcontract or purchase order with the click of a button and watch your Procore Project Financials Budget tool update immediately.

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What is the bid life cycle?

With Procore, you can manage the entire bid life cycle—from creating bid packages to converting the winning proposal into a subcontract—with a single platform solution. This helps to reduce turnaround times and give you complete visibility over bid activity and project coverage.

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We’ll help you manage bids. This will help you win them.

What it takes to effectively manage bids is very different than what it takes to win them. Give owners what they're looking for, and ultimately, win the work you want.

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