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Integrations with Construction Accounting Software

Connect to any accounting system you trust.

Access real-time job cost data from the field and maintain accounting's control over the books.

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Freedom of choice.

Minimize manual data entry by integrating with any accounting system you trust.

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The systems that you have in place play nice so you can access your data from one source of truth.

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Have confidence that your data is free from errors by eliminating double entry and improving communication between your teams.

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Real time

Make better informed decisions with access to the most up-to-date project and cost data.

“The Procore integration has saved the McPherson team at least $75,000—3/4 of a Project Managers Salary—in the first year.”

Darren Younker

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Procore Integrations

Make it easy to see where your business stands with connectors that are assured by Procore's world-class customer support.

Partner-built Integrations

Reduce manual data entry with connectors that are built and supported by our partners and backed by our commitment to an Open API.


What are accounting integrations in construction?

Accounting integrations in the construction industry allow you to connect your accounting and project management systems, giving you the choice of solutions that work best for your office and field teams. Connecting your accounting and project management software creates a streamlined continuous loop for critical information to pass between both systems. This helps improve collaboration and efficiency while eliminating the potential for errors caused by double entry of data.

What are some of the benefits of using accounting integrations for construction management?

In the office, maintaining financial control is vital. In the field, project teams want to get their job done safely and mitigate risk on the jobsite. A simple, stress-free connection between the office and the field helps everyone get their job done efficiently. Integrating your accounting system with your project management platform is a major step toward creating one source of the truth for all stakeholders and allowing access to the information needed among team members. 

By connecting the two systems, office and field teams gain access to real-time data as it is occurring—providing major value to both teams when making financial decisions. Working off one coherent set of data is important to maintaining alignment and creating more efficient communication between accounting and project management.

And most importantly, accounting integrations give your teams and company the flexibility to use the systems that work for you.

What are some of the features of accounting integrations?

Financial information like budgets, contracts, change orders, and invoices are updated instantly instead of at the end of the week or month. Project teams can make budgeting and forecasting decisions based on actuals from the accounting team. When everyone has instant access to accounting information, both sides are empowered to make knowledgeable decisions, streamline change management, and accurately monitor the financial health of a project.

Relying on intermittent and delayed updates is risky. Without streamlining the two systems, accounting teams are left guessing on forecasting and budget.

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