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Explore data and trends for building materials prices.

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Project success starts during planning. Learn how to develop accurate estimates, write winning bids, and prequalify the contractors you hire.

A construction estimator looking at a tablet with a hard hat and vest on the desk in front of them
Don't Underestimate the Estimator: Key Responsibilities of Construction Estimators

In construction, the estimator's role is fundamental to project success... Read More


Pro Forma Explained: How Construction Developers Predict Financial Success

Understanding the financial nuances of construction projects requires a deep dive into forecasting, planning and financial evaluation to determine a project’s success and profitability....


Bid Security in Construction: How Project Owners & Contractors Benefit

For project owners, the construction bidding process is a complicated and risky endeavor. They want to select the best GC or construction management firm....


Successfully Navigating Public-Private Partnerships in Construction

A Public-Private Partnership (PPP or P3) is a contractual agreement that sees government agencies and private companies working together to build major infrastructure projects....

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Finance & Accounting

Learn how construction businesses effectively manage working capital, accounting processes, and company growth.


The Construction Bidding Process Explained

Understanding how the construction bidding process works can help your company effectively bid and win more contracts. Let's talk about the basics....


The 5 Key Types of Construction Contracts

There are five common types of construction contracts: lump sum (or fixed price), time and materials (T&M), unit price, guaranteed maximum price (GMP), and...


Contractor Financing: The Complete Guide

The financial success of a construction business depends largely on its ability to manage cash flow. Throughout a project, contractors face a significant outlay...

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Close up of person at laptop computer pressing buttons on a calculator.
7 Tips to Improve Accounts Payable in Construction

The importance of accurate accounts payable and other accounting records... Read More

Health & Safety

Construction is a dangerous industry. Take steps to make your jobsites safer for workers,  analyze data to predict and mitigate future risks, and comply with government regulations.

Photo of a construction jobsite security guard looking over a site.
Jobsite Security: Assessing and Minimizing Construction Site Risks

Assessing security needs for a construction site early can save... Read More


Creating a Culture of Safety in Construction

In construction, a positive safety culture impacts a company’s productivity, reputation, and worker morale — and it also affects the bottom line. Always a...


9 Tips for Effective Subcontractor Management

Subcontractor management, the overseeing, supervision and coordination of subcontractors, profoundly impacts the overall success of a construction project. This integral piece is usually shouldered...


How to Leverage Construction Field Reports for Project Success

In the fast-paced and complex construction world, effective documentation is not just a bare minimum requirement — it’s a necessity for success. Among the...

Risk Management

Learn how to identify, mitigate, and manage the variety of risks construction businesses face in the industry.


Builder’s Risk vs. General Liability for Contractors: What’s the Difference?

Construction businesses need many different types of insurance to mitigate the risks associated with building projects. Two of the most common insurance policies that...


Performance Bonds for Construction Explained

Performance bonds provide a guarantee that a contractor will fulfill all of their obligations under a construction agreement. Performance bonds are a subset of...


Contractor Bonds vs. Insurance: What to Know

As a contractor, it’s important to have the right protections in place before a project kicks off. To protect your company against third-party lawsuits,...

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Man in hard hat review documents with another man in front of construction equipment.
10 Common Construction Risks for Contractors & Owners

Construction is a tough, often volatile industry, with one of... Read More

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Get the latest U.S. retail prices and view historical trends for common building materials.

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