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Fundamentals of Construction Finance & Risk

Build a solid foundation with the basics of financial and risk management in construction.

Man in hard hat looking at a computer screen while another man looks on.

Construction Risk Management: 5 Steps to Reduce & Mitigate Risk

Construction is a risky industry, with one of the highest...

Illustrated bar chart overlaid on person performing financial calculations

Introduction to Construction Accounting

Construction companies have to make difficult choices among many financial...

Illustration of construction bond documents.

A Contractor’s Guide to Construction Bonds

Many construction projects today require that contractors provide bonds. A...

Illustration of people looking at dollar sign in front of financial statements and a construction site in the background.

Types of Capital for Construction Businesses

Construction companies need capital to get off the ground, stay...

Construction Finance & Accounting

Learn how construction businesses effectively manage working capital, accounting processes, and company growth.

Close up of person at laptop computer pressing buttons on a calculator.

7 Tips to Improve Accounts Payable in Construction

The importance of accurate accounts payable and other accounting records...

Man in hard hat and vest surveys a construction site with workers and equipment.

The Construction Bidding Process Explained

Understanding how the construction bidding process works can help your...

Close up of person's hand signing a contract with another hand pointing to the document.

The 5 Key Types of Construction Contracts

There are five common types of construction contracts: lump sum...

Two people review financial documents.

Contractor Financing: The Complete Guide

The financial success of a construction business depends largely on...

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Risk Management

Learn how to identify, mitigate, and manage the variety of risks construction businesses face in the industry.

Man in hard hat review documents with another man in front of construction equipment.

10 Common Construction Risks for Contractors & Owners

Construction is a tough, often volatile industry, with one of...

Construction workers standing on jobsite looking up at scaffolding.

Builder’s Risk vs. General Liability for Contractors: What’s the Difference?

Construction businesses need many different types of insurance to mitigate...

Parking garage under construction in a city.

Performance Bonds for Contstruction Explained

Performance bonds provide a guarantee that a contractor will fulfill...

Man in hard hat reviews document in front of electrical station.

Contractor Bonds vs. Insurance: What to Know

As a contractor, it’s important to have the right protections...

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Lump Sum Contracts in Construction

A lump sum contract provides a fixed price for completing...

Contractor shaking other contractor's hand on a jobsite

What Is a General Contractor? 

In the construction industry, a general contractor is the person...

Photo of someone using a computer and filling out a paper form

Bidding on Government Construction Contracts: A Contractor’s Guide

Winning a government construction contract can be lucrative for contractors....

Photo of 2 contractors discussion plans on a jobsite

9 Types of Construction Companies & What They Do

Whether it’s a family home, an apartment building, or a...

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