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groundbreaker, [ ground-brey-ker ], n:

  1. one that innovates: PIONEER
  2. one that challenges the status quo
They’re the ones who meet this moment with bold ideas and innovation.
They’re the ones who meet this moment with brains and grit and vision.
They are the difference makers.
They are the future shapers.
They are the Groundbreakers

“They're on the front lines of this industry. Without them nothing gets built.“

Based in the Bay Area, XL Construction was among the first wave of construction businesses confronted with the reality of COVID-19. See how an unprecedented challenge gave XL Construction's core values new significance. 

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Workers on a jobsite
Flooded land

"Roofing is what we know but it starts with building relationships."

Having experienced the wrath of Hurricane Harvey in 2017, FSR Services is intimately familiar with the devastating impact natural disaster can have on a community. Learn how FSR responded when Hurricane Laura struck Louisiana.

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Robins & Morton building world-class hospitals

“You’ve got to give them the technology to do their job.”

You might know that Robins & Morton can build world-class hospitals. What you might not know is that they can also convert a convention center into a temporary emergency health facility to support the battle against a global pandemic.

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Exterior commercial building

“It’s actually quite humbling to be part of this community.”

What does it mean for a real estate firm to be culturally connected to what might otherwise just be a safety pin on a map? Learn why this company sees their development projects as opportunities to invest in meaningful community-building.

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“Before we have the conversation, we need to understand our biases.”

Rick Khan
Senior Director of Innovation,
Mortenson Construction

Watch the first installment in our series Foundations For Progress where construction professionals and racial equality experts discuss how our industry is becoming more diverse—and where we must do better.

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How Dolan Concrete has remained successful after more than 60 years

Dolan Concrete has always been a family business. It just hasn't always been the same family. Learn why a career in construction is more than just a job to the Gutierrez family.

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Tornadoes don't care about the coronavirus.

You're in the middle of standing up field medical hospitals, assisting with coronavirus testing sites, and more when not one but 3 tornadoes touch down in a Louisiana town where COVID is on the rise. What do you do? Send in the sawyers, of course.

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Stewart Smits May Just Be Procore's Valedictorian

Stewart Smits is an expert among experts. Having completed every online certification Procore offered in a little over a year, the only thing he doesn't know is why more people haven't. 

Stewart Smits, Procore Valedictorian

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