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Workforce Planning


Schedule the right people for the right jobs. At the right time.

Get real-time insight into your workforce's availability and skill set with a centralized scheduling and communication hub for specialty contractors and general contractors.

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See the advantages of digital labor scheduling, rostering, and planning.

Managing your labor schedule with whiteboards and spreadsheets is inefficient and risky. See why Procore's construction workforce planning software is better.

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Beat the labor shortage.

Strategically build the skills of less-experienced workers and retain the skilled ones you already have with easy-to-manage certification and skill set tracking.

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Reduce admin burden.

Simplify the way you schedule, forecast, communicate, and collaborate with your people using cloud-based tools that eliminate whiteboards and spreadsheets.

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Build a winning plan.

Maintain an undeniable advantage to stay on schedule and budget with technology that helps you identify the right people for the right job at the right time.

Explore the features you get with Procore Workforce Planning.

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Get the right person on the job with labor scheduling.

Replace time-wasting calls, emails, meetings, and spreadsheets with digital labor scheduling.

  • Streamline labor planning with cloud-based schedules at your fingertips

  • See where your workforce is and where they’re going next

  • Proactively plan ahead to hire, retain, and shift workers

Screenshot of Procore's assignment alert


Reliably and seamlessly connect with your workforce.

Simplify office and field communications with a single source of truth.

  • Make and fill labor requests at a moment’s notice

  • Share assignment information individually or company-wide with the tap of a button

  • Send alerts and schedules via automated emails, texts, or in-app notifications

Screenshot of Procore's data management


Get accurate, aligned workforce data at your fingertips.

Break down data silos with easily accessible people and project information.

  • Share project information with appropriate permission levels

  • Record and view pertinent project data in real time

  • Create a single source of truth for teams in the field and the office

Screenshot of Procore's people management


Manage your construction roster and people in a smarter way.

Get a full understanding of your most important asset—your people.

  • Track certifications, skill sets, and background checks for your workforce

  • Create a culture of familiarity with easily accessible employee information

  • Identify areas of development or improvement for each worker

Screenshot of Procore's workforce graph


Build the right labor plan for your next big project.

Confidently make informed decisions about your projects and people.

  • Plan weeks, months, or even years ahead

  • Accurately organize your upcoming projects and labor needs

  • View schedules, vacations, and labor availability in advance

Workforce Planning Actuals Analytics


Refine and analyze people and project data.

Gain insight into how each job aligns with each plan.

  • Hold the right people accountable

  • Evaluate labor budget data

  • Document past projects to inform future jobs

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Customer Story

Operations is all about people, technology, and process coming together—and we leverage the heck out of Procore Workforce Planning in all of that.

Ron Johnson



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