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Get insights to build better, faster.

Protect your labor budget and schedule with decision making that is powered by insights from real-time productivity tracking software.

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“Now, I can easily see if T&M tickets have been created even if the field doesn't let us know. It simplifies the communication with the office and puts the power in the hand of our Foreman.”

Joel Middleton

Dolan Concrete

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“Now that our field teams have productivity information in real time on mobile, they are using it to drive things. It used to be changes pushed from the office to the field, now it’s the other way around. The field guys are now driving the change themselves.”

Rob Krueger

Fessler Bowman

“I’m able to save 6 different project managers 6 hours per week. I assure you that amount is way over the price I paid for Procore.”

Brandon Lopez

ABLe Communications

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“The use of Procore on the mobile app is fantastic. We get the most accurate information from our field guys and reduce the need to bother them for crew time.”

Yoslaine Muchulli

Bengoa Construction

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Get paid.

Mitigate risk by capturing, documenting, and tracking out-of-scope work with the T&M Tickets tool. Get instant insight into any changes from the field and ensure you get paid.

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Protect your margins.

Monitor labor costs in real time, identify at-risk scopes of work, and act fast to make decisions that positively impact  your project’s  budget and profitability.

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Stay on track.

Track quantities of material installed to keep your field teams productive and projects on schedule. Procore automatically turns your data into actionable insights that help you more accurately and competitively bid on future jobs.

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Free up time.

With faster and easier time collection you can view labor and production rates in real time, from anywhere, and ensure timecards are accurate the first time.

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Real-time labor productivity tools

Make your field teams more productive with easy-to-use tools that connect your office and field teams in real time.

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Work more efficiently, communicate better, and build faster from a single source of truth. See how you can do more on the leading construction management platform.

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