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Construction Site Quality & Safety Management Software

The highest quality build, in a safer environment.

Understand, predict, and correct issues before they become a problem.

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Purpose-built for the field.

These tools are built for the field, making it easy for field teams to contribute to and comply with construction safety regulations and quality specifications.

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Execute from one controlled location.

All the necessary documentation, reference materials and records needed to ensure standards are met with verification methods that create accountability along the way.

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Understand what’s leading to greater risk.

More information from field teams means greater insight into the root causes of quality and safety issues, risky behaviors, near misses, and incidents.

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Predict and improve.

Through everyday tasks, identify risks and track opportunities for improvement.

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See the numbers.

With Procore on your side, you get time back to focus on the important stuff. See exactly how our clients are saving.


Save team members 11 hours per week

Those responsible for aggregating field data are saving 11 hours per week with Procore.


Save field teams 13 hours per week

Through the automation of corrective actions, audits, and collaborative site diaries, field teams are saving 13 hours per week.


Reduce punch lists by up to 20%

On average, respondents have reduced the number of punch list items by 20%

* Based on a 2021 survey Procore customers.

“Now we’re getting to a proactive approach, where we have the ability to really see those trends in a way that we haven’t before.”

Morgan Traynor

Morgan Traynor

Industry Consultant, General Contractors


Quality & Safety Tools

Discover all the tools you need for the highest quality build in the safest environment.

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Connect everyone and everything on one platform. Build better.

Work more efficiently, communicate better, and build faster from a single source of truth. See how you can do more on the leading construction management platform.

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Tap into 300+ integrations and apps you love working with.

If we don’t build it, chances are, there’s an app or integration for it on our marketplace. So you can work the way you want to, all without ever leaving Procore.

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Who uses construction safety management software?

Procore's construction safety management software was designed for field teams who have a hard time identifying the root cause of safety risks because their information is scattered across multiple locations or systems. According to a 2019 JB Knowledge survey, Procore was named as the most used construction safety management software.

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Why use construction safety management software?

According to a 2020 FMI conducted, Procore-sponsored industry study, 66% of builders said their biggest concern was maintaining a safe jobsite. However, only 51.4% of builders are using construction software to achieve that goal. Firms that leverage advanced technology to plan and execute work more efficiently will be better positioned to safely keep up with the pace and complexity of today’s built environment.

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What are the benefits of construction safety management software?

Accidents happen. In construction, accidents happen frequently. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 1 in 10 workers are injured every year. Research proves that using construction safety management software can provide your team with leading indicators about risky behaviors that could lead to future accidents.

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What are some features of construction safety management software?

According to the Associalted Builders of America, improving your organization’s safety performance starts with monitoring data. Some of the leading indicators include: toolbox talks, safety program performance reviews, incident reports, safety meetings, safety pre-planning, and safety goal setting. Procore Quality & Safety tracks all of this information for you so that you can focus your efforts on addressing risky behaviors that have the most dramatic impact on your safety performance.

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Can the software be integrated with other products?

Absolutely. Procore's open API allows you to integrate with any software that helps you make building a safety culture easier. Plus, with Procore's all-in-one platform, you can also manage your project and financial mangement programs in the same system. With everything in one place, you have visibility into team performance analytics to see where there’s room for improvement and are able to protect your profits with the ability to flag potential change orders while in the field directly from an observation.

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