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Quality & Safety


Achieve the highest quality build in a safe environment.

Understand, predict, and correct issues before they become problems.

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Make sure work to be done is addressed quickly & efficiently.

Empower teams to enforce construction safety regulations and uphold quality standards with tools purposefully built for the jobsite.

  • Perform inspection checklists on the fly with templates that can be accessed from any smart device.

  • Create actionable observations when inspection items fail or require follow-up to ensure completion.

  • Boost visibility into assigned work with configurable email and push notifications.

  • View data in real-time to track progress and help stay ahead of potential issues.

Screen capture of Procore's Observations


Help reduce risk by taking and tracking quick action out in the field.

Assign, track and report on multiple types of observations and corrective actions on the fly.

  • Create observations in the field from inspections, drawings, and photos to stay on top of work.

  • Harness the power of AI with speech-to-text translation for rapid data entry with Quick Capture.

  • Monitor the progress of observations from start to finish with a real-time history of actions taken.

Screen capture of Procore's Action Plans


Take action on construction processes from one centralized location.

Ensure that your unique company and project-specific requirements are clearly defined, centralized, and organized with easy access to all of the reference materials and records needed to ensure standards are met.

  • Track and customize sequential work across tools and teams to reduce risk and elevate visibility.

  • Create standardization to ensure anyone on the project can be successful.

  • Add verification checkpoints to ensure expectations are understood & work has been completed.

  • Save time with customizable templates tailored to your company and project needs.

Screen capture of Procore's Incidents


Detect and rectify inefficiencies and risks for enhanced compliance.

Accurate & readily available information from field teams means greater insight into the root causes of quality and safety issues, risky behaviors, near misses, and incidents.

  • Create records & communicate information about illnesses, near misses, and incidents.

  • Utilize data to identify patterns and take preventative actions.

  • Enhance safety programs with optimal training and processes based on learnings captured in Procore.

Quality & Safety Tools

Discover all the tools you need for the highest quality build in the safest environment.

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Track and manage every coordination-related step in your process.

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Customer Story

With Procore's mobile tools, our observations and inspections are documented better. The data is available to my staff and to other users in the projects as well.

Doug Brenning

Chief, Construction Inspection and Management Branch

California Department of General Services

The Procore Platform

Today, nearly every tool used to manage a project is digitized and is capturing project data. But that data is isolated across different tools and systems that don’t talk. A true, connected platform like Procore brings your data into one app so you have access and insight into what's really happening on any job.

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