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Construction Payment Software

Reduce payment process friction.

Maintain healthy project cash flow by streamlining the payment application experience, providing transparency into payment readiness, and automating the lien waiver exchange all within the Procore platform.

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Procore invoicing tool


Consolidate your technology stack.

Ease friction in the payment process by providing subcontractors with a single system to engage on financial-related activities.

  • Eliminate a siloed payment solution from your construction tech-stack

  • Replace a workflow that relies on a separate system for data entry

  • Reduce the possibility of integration issues

Procore invoicing tool


Streamline the payment experience.

Reduce the effort necessary for subcontractor onboarding and ease adoption by leveraging Procore as a familiar, centralized payment solution.

  • Satisfy your unique needs with a modern approach to pay apps

  • Expedite subcontractor payment with a transparent invoice review and payment process

  • Lean on award-winning product support for both payers and payees

Procore payment readiness screen


Simplify the collection of payment requirements.

Utilize a convenient checklist view to provide visibility and track progress toward meeting requirements necessary for payment.

  • Manage subcontractor invoices and their progress toward meeting the requirements necessary for payment

  • Simplify invoice review and preparation for payment processing

  • Provide process clarity to payers and payees to quickly surface any potential issues

Procore Payments screen


Automate the lien waiver exchange.

Leverage the Procore platform to collect and store signed unconditional lien waivers that are only released after payment is complete.

  • Utilize a library of pay requirements and lien waiver templates

  • Customize templates and pay requirements to your specific needs

  • Automate digital signature collection and the lien waiver exchange

  • Eliminate lien waiver collection with the lien waiver securely staged and released at the time of payment

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Customer Story

We’ve saved dozens of hours each month by submitting the correct invoice amounts the first time, and eliminating the need for two or three rounds of revisions.

Erik Feld

Project Manager and Director of Technical Operations

TruEdge Builds

The Procore Platform

Today, nearly every tool used to manage a project is digitized and is capturing project data. But that data is isolated across different tools and systems that don’t talk. A true, connected platform like Procore brings your data into one app so you have access and insight into what's really happening on any job.

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