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Case Study

Electrify America is laying tomorrow's groundwork––at scale.

Darkened hero image of car chargers glowing at night

The Challenge

Electrify America’s construction mission—spanning the country with a chain of standardized charging stations—demanded a platform that could house the whole endeavor in a single system of record. The platform needed to be lithe enough to synchronously manage over 800 projects, thousands of interacting people, and tens of thousands of project line items. All needed to be done at once, and across the breadth of the continental U.S.

The Solution

Procore’s cloud-based platform is a construction management ecosystem that seamlessly contains and clarifies the evolving project at hand—organizing, reporting, and scaling through the full project life cycle, from planning to handover. Procore’s collaborative hub is a single source of truth whose efficiencies only grow larger and more pronounced at scale.

The Results

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One Truth

Single-source, collaborative platform consolidates, tracks, and manages 800+ active Electrify America project sites.

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Your Dashboards

Customizable dashboards yield 50+ daily cross-project reports to give visibility to project stakeholders - from component manufacturers to permit expeditors.

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One Platform Fits All

Flexible platform grows with the mission, allowing individual PMs to manage dozens of projects and thousands of tasks.

Electrify America has a very rigorous purchasing process and we need to identify companies across all our operations that are technically qualified. To track and communicate with hundreds of stakeholders - it was immediately apparent that we could grow with the Procore platform.

Anthony Lambkin

Director of Operations

Disrupting Forward

Anthony Lambkin is Senior Director of Operations at Electrify America (EA). He’s been involved in alternative energy vehicles since 2007. Why? Disruption. "It not only deals with a technological shift with the vehicles themselves," Lambkin says. "It deals with people’s habits, health, spending and energy use. No other industry promised more of an impact on humanity than the shift by automakers to zero emission vehicles." Electrify America has already assembled the largest open public DC Fast Charging network in the U.S., with further growth and investment planned. "Very early on," Lambkin says, "we realized we needed tools and technology that allowed us to take on many simultaneous projects with many stakeholders and many vendors sprawled across a geographically dispersed area."

Workers installing electric car chargers with heavy machinery

Standardizing at Scale

Ultra-fast charging stations, rolled out with unbroken speed and efficiency across the vastness of the U.S.—how is this done? 

"You need standardized processes that people can follow," Lambkin explains. "Processes that people can really rely on to manage 10, 15, 20, 25 projects simultaneously." 

"We have leveraged the tools within Procore to be successful. The submittal tool allows us to manage workflows and approvals, the commitment tool enables us to send out and execute contracts efficiently, and the schedule tool allows us to simultaneously manage tens of thousands of tasks across multiple regions, multiple projects, and multiple project managers. This allows us to have our finger on the pulse of everything that's going on—at every site."

Finished project where electric car charges were installed, now fully illuminated at dusk

Despite distance and complexity— one big collaborative family

"We say it’s multiple inputs, one output," Lambkin says. "We have multiple sources of information coming into Procore, but our reporting function means we have one source of truth that tells us exactly where the project is, in what phase of the schedule, and at what phase of contracting." Contractors, project managers, stakeholders, vendors, execs—hundreds of them are working toward a common purpose on a project of historic scale. Electrify America is committed to zero-emission vehicle mobility and Lambkin makes no bones about the challenges. "Look, we are building a national network of high-speed charging infrastructure at a massive scale, and at a fast and furious pace. There was only one way to do it—by making sure we had the systems, tools, and processes in place to be able to enable and facilitate that," Lambkin says. "Electrify America needed the services of a company like Procore to help us succeed."

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