Construction Intelligence

Capture, manage, and learn from data with one common source for project and portfolio reporting, analytics, and AI-guided workflows.

Data-driven teams choose Procore.

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Uncover insights for better execution and planning.

Power decision-making with data captured in the Procore Platform.


Start making more accurate data-driven decisions.

Get the tools you need to analyze your performance, uncover risk areas, become safer and more profitable, and boost efficiency.

  • Replace outdated spreadsheets, paper-based processes, and guesswork
  • Turn project data into actionable insights that guide your business
  • Catalyze a culture of data-driven decision making
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See risks earlier to steer your team toward success.

Procore stores all your data in one place to make it more digestible and easier to monitor trends and see where you’re exposed to risk—in time to actually do something about it.

  • Surface risks and priorities with advanced data visualizations
  • Monitor and control leading and lagging indicators
  • Understand the impact of changes and plan the best course forward
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Trust in the accuracy of data collected in the field.

Standardize reporting and documentation in the field so you can turn those data points into crystal clarity on the state of your projects and portfolio.

  • Rely on timely insights instead of outdated manual processes
  • Gain clarity and insights from AI-guided workflows
  • Track data quality, completeness, and integrity
  • Set expectations for data entry and manage non-compliance
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Understand and control your bottom line.

Drive more predictable profits by taking the guesswork out of forecasting, monitoring cash flow, and fiscal guidance.

  • Leverage timely financial dashboards to see KPIs
  • Connect your financial information to your ERP for holistic project and portfolio visibility
  • Set accurate baselines during preconstruction bidding
  • Automate forecasted budgets against anticipated schedules and labor needs
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Put the power of data behind your business's future.

Procore's intelligence-backed tools can help you analyze historical performance to give you more accurate baseline KPIs for future projects.

  • Use historical data to replicate wins
  • Predict future needs based on historic trends
  • Enact AI learnings to alert, enhance, optimize and streamline process improvements
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Products that Support Construction Intelligence

Customer Story

“From the Superintendent to the CEO, we can monitor project and company insights in real time.”

Patrick Hennessy

Director of Scheduling & Analytics

Harkins Builders

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How is AI used in construction?

With our AI-powered insights and industry benchmark data, Procore users can make better, real-time decisions, help improve their construction processes, and mitigate risk. Procore is applying automation and machine learning to make users fundamentally better at their jobs.

What is AI in construction?

The term “artificial intelligence” means a lot of different things to people in construction. Artificial intelligence applications range from a formless networked virtual computer-dwelling brain that crunches mountains of data to an array of data-collecting sensors to real-live physical robots autonomously laying bricks. The ultimate aim for AI in construction is a more efficient and safer jobsite where workers’ lives are made more manageable, and companies can assess and meet the needs of their labor force more intelligently. Read more.

How is data analytics used in construction?

Hidden in the 96% of construction data that goes unused are profit-critical efficiencies and real-time insights. Every material, every labor hour, and every jobsite can be improved through data. Learn the fundamentals of this untapped resource with Procore's free, five-part Data in Construction series.

What is data maturity in construction?

Data maturity in construction refers to the foundational components necessary to gain higher value from your data. For example, is your data collection standardized in a way that allows you to analyze and learn from it easily? Does your company's data culture empower everyone to use daily data insights to make informed decisions? Does your data analysis drive continual process improvement initiatives that become differentiators for your team? These questions can help you analyze your team's data maturity.

What are KPIs for construction?

Construction KPIs, or key performance indicators, are tangible and intangible benchmark metrics used to measure project and portfolio success. Quality, safety, productivity, profitability, and client satisfaction are all examples of key performance indicators in construction. With Procore Analytics, you can unlock your KPI data with 150+ pre-built Power BI templates.

What are Construction analytics?

Construction analytics is a method of measuring performance against industry statistics or your own past project performance. Procore can help you increase your data maturity by turning unorganized, inaccurate data into accurate, actionable insights that help you learn and continuously improve on every pour, every floor, and every build.