Workforce Management Software

Workforce Management for Contractors

Get the most out of your workforce without burning them out with tools that can help you uncover actionable insights to improve schedule predictability, field productivity, and profits.

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Projects are unpredictable. Your workforce shouldn't be.

Spreadsheets, whiteboards, and in-house solutions can't keep up with you or the pace of change in construction. Procore can.

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Right person. Right place. Right pace.

Put the right people on the right jobs, and track their real-time productivity to ensure they're on schedule and budget.

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Combat the labor shortage.

Get more done with the same headcount by optimizing your existing workforce's productivity and efficiently moving them from job to job.

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Keep everything in one place.

Connect all of the apps and project data you need to manage, plan, track, and forecast your workforce needs in one, real-time solution.

See how our workforce management solution works.

And how it can help you improve schedule predictability and maximize profits.


Take the guesswork out of workforce planning.

Make your operations team's lives easier by centralizing scheduling and communication with real-time insight into your workforce's availability and skill set.

  • Know who is on your roster and where they're assigned to be at all times
  • Build out teams with the right experience and skills needed for a particular job
  • See where your people live and assign jobs based on jobsite proximity
  • Take advantage of a real-time look at assigned labor and projects
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Visualize the field's productivity in real time.

Uncover how your workforce is performing by tracking employee time, out-of-scope work, and materials installed so you can maximize productivity and protect your labor budget.

  • Monitor labor costs in real time
  • Eliminate double entry by consolidating timesheets, daily logs, and more tasks in one solution
  • Act fast to make decisions that positively impact your project’s budget and profitability
  • Track out-of-scope work on the jobsite with digital T&M tickets
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Easily identify short and long-term needs.

Tired of losing profits to labor cost actuals that exceed forecasts? Procore can show you what you need from one job to the next by using historical data to make educated decisions to forecast ahead.

  • Forecast labor needs as projects start and end
  • Turn your data into actionable insights
  • Use historical project data to more accurately and competitively bid on future jobs
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Keep the field and office in sync.

Streamline your processes by integrating your HR and ERP systems so you can have one holistic view of your business

  • Easily update, edit, and manage info for your entire workforce
  • Access schedules, roles, allocations, and actionable insights from anywhere
  • Keep everyone from field to office in the loop with automated SMS push notifications
  • Identify labor gaps so your team can stay ahead of recruitment needs
  • Automatically notify the office of changes in real time
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Two products. One powerful Workforce Management solution.

Customer Story

“Procore helps us manage our workforce in the field and make sure the right people are in the right place at the right time.”

Sheri Johnson

Senior Vice President


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What is workforce management?

Workforce management is an organizational approach used to optimize efficiency and effectiveness of employees. Workforce management software helps construction companies with communication, scheduling, forecasting, data management, rostering, actuals, and analytics.

How does Procore solve workforce management?

Procore’s Workforce Management solution ensures that the right person is at the right job at the right place. And when they’ve arrived, you’re tracking how both your workforce and your job are performing. This holistic approach allows you to make sure you’re using your most important asset—your people—as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Why use workforce management software?

Workforce management is a rapidly growing initiative in a number of construction companies. It’s a reaction to the growing realization of the status quo—manual whiteboards, spreadsheets, and other ad hoc, homegrown solutions—is no longer up to the challenge in a digital world.

Who uses workforce management software?

Contractors —big, small, near, and far—use workforce management software to manage their people.

What are the benefits of workforce management software?

Adopting a digital workforce management software can provide you with complete visibility and documentation required to improve schedule predictability and maximize profits. According to Procore users, some benefits include: centralization of data, increased accuracy of forecasting, improved communication, and better labor management.