Foundations for Progress

Unlock the Power of Sponsorship

Hear stories and perspectives from women in construction

Join our expert panel.

For our latest installment of our Foundations for Progress webinar series, we're bringing together women in construction to share their stories and perspectives on the impact of sponsorship. Learn how sponsorship is different from mentorship and why that can be a career game changer.

Topics will include:

  • How sponsorship moves beyond mentorship to offer real access to opportunity.
  • Personal stories of how sponsorship has shown up in the construction industry.
  • How to create mutually empowering mentorship and sponsorship relationships.



Sandra Benson

NIBS Board Member and Global Head of Industry Transformation, Procore

Judaline Cassidy

Chief Visionary Officer, Tools & Tiaras

Christina Riley

Senior Planner, Quinn London

Sara Cecchi

Global General Manager, Technology, DBM Vircon

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