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Sun's out. Nail guns out. (Log it All.)

Procore's Daily Log Tool is much more than just field notes. Procore offers a more powerful construction software solution for project managers who need to keep track of every detail including, but not limited to, labor, communication, equipment, materials, and job site events each and every day.

  • Automatically track weather conditions
  • Archive data for access to information whenever you need it
  • Improve labor productivity with tracking
  • Log manpower hours so you can keep track of laborer fees and so much more...

“Procore has increased the effectiveness and overall quality of our daily logs exponentially.”

Brian Schmidt



Who uses daily logs?

Daily logs are used to track and monitor progress of an ongoing construction project. Usually the job foreman, superintendent, or project manager fills out the logs, collecting input for each day of work, taking note of everything that happens on site. Daily logs can include everything from weather conditions to who was on site, materials received, equipment on site, and a general summary of the day’s activities. This also means including what got done and what, if anything, was delayed and why. In the old days this information was all collected manually and stored in a three-ring binder, but the process has been largely digitized.

Why use daily logs?

Daily logs help keep a project on track, and create a detailed archive of a project’s progress without having to rely on the memory of a project foreman compiling a week’s worth of project notes on a Friday afternoon. Most importantly, daily logs can help head off project disputes. The more detailed a log is, the better evidence it will serve if the contractor ends up in court.

What are some of the benefits of using Procore for daily logs?

Daily logs give every project stakeholder access to information about how a project is progressing without ever needing to visit the site. Procore’s Daily Log tool automates much of the process, for example automatically logging weather conditions, so site supervisors can focus their reporting on the major day-to-day happenings. Daily logs also add a layer of accountability, since it keeps detailed track of who was responsible for what. Daily logs also let project managers track planned versus actual costs to identify any discrepancies. If there’s a change in management or other personnel, daily logs kept by the previous manager serve as a record of everything that’s gone on so far so a job can pick up where it left off.

What are some of the features of Procore’s Daily Log Tool?

Procore’s Daily Log tool is much more sophisticated than simple field notes. It automates many aspects of the logging process, freeing up supervisors to focus on other tasks. Within Procore, a supervisor can get a holistic view of a project with ease, thanks to its dynamic filtering and search capabilities. Everything from how many manpower hours were used over the last week to which subcontractors performed the work is easily accessible. Procore Daily Log lets you easily collect this information to share, report, print, or export to a spreadsheet.

How can a platform help with daily logs?

The three-ring binder had its time, but it’s being replaced by software like Procore’s Daily Log tool for obvious reasons. First, the information entered is automatically archived and saved across multiple servers, eliminating any chance of missing pages or illegible hand-written notes. The Daily Log tool is also tightly integrated with Microsoft Project, and works with various scheduling software formats. Keeping logs in a digital format makes them easier to share, impossible to lose, and ensures every stakeholder is working from the same up-to-date information.