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The highest quality build, in a safer environment.

Understand, predict, and correct issues before they become a problem.

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“It's great for work safety and legal purposes. If someone takes us to court, we have the documents.”

Paul Zasitko

The Concost Group

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Purpose-built for the field.

These tools are built for the field, making it easy for field teams to contribute to and comply with construction safety regulations and quality specifications.

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Understand what’s leading to greater risk.

More information from field teams means greater insight into the root causes of quality and safety issues, risky behaviors, near misses, and incidents.


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Predict and improve.

Through everyday tasks, identify risks and track opportunities for improvement.


Manage COR™ Certification data.

Procore Quality and Safety can help your company maintain daily safety compliance and give auditors quick and easy access to necessary safety information.

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See the numbers.

With Procore on your side, you get time back to focus on the important stuff. See exactly how our clients are saving.


Save team members 16 hours per week

Those responsible for aggregating field data are saving 16 hours per week with Procore.


Save field teams 13 hours per week

Through the automation of corrective actions, audits, and collaborative daily logs, field teams are saving 13 hours per week.


Reduce deficiency lists by up to 97%

Through proactive use of inspections and observations throughout the course of construction, field teams are reducing deficiency lists by up to 97%.

* Based on a 2018 survey of over 300 Procore customers.

Quality & Safety Tools

Discover all the tools you need for the highest quality build in the safest environment.

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One platform for everything.

Procore connects all your people, software, and data on one platform––so everyone on your project has access to everything they need. The platform gives you the freedom to connect with hundreds of integrations in the Procore App Marketplace. So even if we don’t build it, you can connect.


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