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Quality & Safety

Performance Management

Performance Management allows your teams to collect tons of data just by doing their jobs every day. This data can then be used to mitigate risk, track performance, and continuously improve your quality and safety processes.

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Performance Management

Know where the problems lie.

Know where the problems lie.

Pinpoint and problem-solve issues across all your projects using data and reporting dashboards. Create customized reports, share, and take action on those reports quickly so you can keep doing the things that make your team excel, and stop doing the things that might put you at risk.

Use real time data
to have tough conversations

Dive into details
to take action quickly


Manage excellence with data that works as hard as you do.

Excellence requires excellence.

You're building a quality job, so you need tools that live up to (or exceed) your expectations. Perform jobs faster, communicate more efficiently, and ensure a quality build with tools designed to outperform the competition.

Excellence requires excellence.

Freedom with control.

You never want to jeopardize data, but no build is the same. With Procore's Quality & Safety solution, you can have company-level reporting that maintains your company data and helps you standardize reports, while giving projects the freedom to make (some) adjustments where needed.


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