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Scheduling software integrated with Procore.

  • Keep teams up to date and on track with the current schedule
  • Build digital schedule lookaheads to collaborate with trades.
  • Send, receive and document schedule update requests
  • Visualize tasks, milestones and dependencies in one intuitive solution

Never Work Off of Outdated Schedules

With Procore, your entire team will always view the latest, most up to date schedule. Schedules uploaded from Microsoft Project, Primavera and many others can automatically sync in real time so users never have to worry about tracking schedule version numbers or revision.

Customizable Views and Filtering

Because not everyone on the project team is familiar with Gantt charts, the Procore Schedule Tool also offers a calendar view, by day, week, or month. Project tasks for the construction schedule are presented as individual bars which display the task name, the resource assigned to that task, and the task start and finish dates. Each task has a live, clickable link that allows you to edit several items for each task.

Integrate Your Schedule with Procore's Project Management Tools

Project schedules stored in Procore also feed information over to Procore's other construction project management tools. For example, the Daily Log Tool will automatically show the current day's tasks and resources as noted on the schedule. This makes it simple for the project superintendent or manager to note what happened on the job site with each scheduled task, on any given day.

Digital Schedule Lookaheads

Effectively managing a schedule requires input from field staff and trade partners. Based on dates and tasks pulled from the master schedule, field staff can create schedule lookaheads to add more detailed information as subtasks. Trade partners can be invited to view, add and adjust dates of tasks or subtasks while understanding their work as it relates to dependencies or the critical path.

Advanced Filtering and Searching

View construction project schedules using filtered views, where only the desired information is displayed. Construction project schedules can be filtered by summary tasks or by resource (e.g., the subcontractor working on that task). Procore allows users to search the entire construction project schedule using a standard search box. Search through a large project schedule for every occurrence of any text, such as "plumbing contractor" or "framing." With Procore, the construction project schedule can also be supplemented with "To-Do List" items. These items are not edited by a user's construction project management scheduling software, but remain on the Project Calendar screen within Procore.

“Procore's scheduling and the ability to send out schedules automatically are huge features.”

Grant Robbins


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What is Procore construction scheduling software?

Construction scheduling software could be described as the timekeeper of today’s construction project. Cloud-based and synchronously viewable by all permitted project workers, Procore’s construction project scheduling software keeps the project on track in a real-time, shared scheduling ecosystem.

Who uses construction scheduling software? 

While superintendents and other stakeholders may use construction project scheduling software as a look-ahead to track both current and planned objectives on the project, collaborators count on the currency of an up-to-the-minute project schedule to tell them what day(s) they need to be on the jobsite and what the specifically assigned tasks are for the given workday.

Why use Procore construction scheduling software?

 Is construction planning and scheduling software an improvement over simply having the hardcopy schedule posted in the jobsite trailer or other common area? Yes. The digital nature of the construction scheduling software means the detailed project schedule is accessible in real time to all users wherever they are. It also means the team will always be able to view the latest, most up-to-date synchronized schedule. 

Schedule updates happen automatically in real time, so that users never have to worry about tracking schedule revisions, or wonder if they are seeing the most recent schedule iteration. The Procore platform proffers a single source of truth in every instance.

What are some of the benefits of using Procore construction scheduling software?

 Construction planning and scheduling software means the user may filter the project schedule by task or by specialty contractor, or any number of other criteria, such as "plumbing contractor" or "framing." Pull up the construction scheduling app on any smart device, and from any connected location. Search through a large, complex project schedule for the relevant text. Easily get the construction schedule information you need when you need it.

Is the Procore tool’s schedule presentation customizable?

 It’s a fact; Gannt charts aren’t for everybody. What good is a constantly updated, commonly available project schedule if the info it presents has to be deciphered to be understood? The Procore Schedule Tool also offers a familiar calendar view by day, week, or month. In calendar view, project tasks are presented as individual bars which display the task name, the crewmember(s) assigned to that task, and the task start and finish dates. Each task on the calendar has a clickable link that allows you to edit and customize the task in several ways to make it even clearer. Users can choose to change the task start date, finish date, or the percentage complete for each individual task. 

Can Procore’s scheduling tool be integrated with other products?

Microsoft Project, Primavera, and many other construction management and planning instances are integrative with the Procore platform. If you are already accustomed to and familiar with construction project scheduling software of your choice; you can make schedule changes and updates using the construction scheduling software you already use. This integrative quality means you may augment your familiar construction scheduling software with Procore features – such as Procore’s archiving of the construction project schedule’s history. Infuse your familiar scheduling tool — whether Microsoft Project or Primavera P6, among others—with Procore features that boost the construction project scheduling function to a whole new level.