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When documents go digital, nothing gets lost.

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A virtual filing cabinet (only better).

Procore's powerful Document Management Tool provides robust and sophisticated document management and archiving for your construction projects. With Procore's automatic revision control, project team members will always open the latest version of any document.

  • Unlimited storage space at no extra charge
  • Own and archive all of your data
  • Protect documents and directories with permission levels
  • Sophisticated check-in & check-out functionality
  • View DWG files using Procore's built-in viewer

Unlimited Storage

Store as many electronic documents as you need; Procore doesn't charge by the megabyte or gigabyte. With Procore's Annual Access Agreement of any product, users receive an unlimited amount of storage.

Secure Storage

Procore's Document Management tool not only archives your documents, but also ensures they are stored securely and privately. Procore automatically provides backup for all of your electronic documents, from any application, on multiple server hard drives located in different areas around the country.

Link Documents to Related Items

Every document can be linked to related information within Procore. When a document is related to a variation, drawing, or RFI, those relationships are saved. For example, attach an RFI to a drawing or attach a photo to a defect list item.

Quickly Share Your Documents

Procore makes your electronic documents available to any member of your extended team with varying permission levels. Users without permission won't see any documents, while team members with the proper authority can upload, view, and download project documents as needed.

View Documents from the Field

Browse a project's directories and share documents anywhere, at any time.

Upload Files from a Computer or Mobile Device

Files (documents and photos) can be uploaded individually in the Documents Tool or they can be emailed as attachments to a unique email address setup for each project. Files can be sent from any email system, including mobile devices.


Who uses document management software?

All businesses have to track, organize, share, and manage their critical documents - but due to the nature of construction work a secure, digital, cloud-based document storage system is especially critical for construction documents. Because construction project execution involves complex project management and stakeholder collaboration, construction companies have a particularly strong need for an end to end, cloud-based document management system.

Why use software to store construction documents?

Construction projects require collaboration with multiple stakeholders, managing communications across teams, and ensuring everyone is working off of current updated construction documents such as drawings, change orders, and RFIs. In the construction industry, it is critical to have project documents organized into a single source of truth. This ensures that the entire construction team has the complete and updated information they need in order to get the job done right.

What are some of the benefits of using document management software?

  • Improve collaboration - By storing documents in a cloud-based, digital platform, you can easily provide team members and stakeholders with the right level of access and visibility. 
  • Save time and reduce administrative burden - When you have a single source of truth for accessing project information, everyone can get the information they need with fewer phone calls, emails, and interruptions.
  • Cost savings - With a digital document storage solution, you can reduce paper, printing, and administrative costs associated with manual processes.

What are some of the features of document management software?

  • Unlimited storage - you need to be able to save all of your critical project documents in one place, for a single source of truth. Select a system with no storage limit to make sure you won’t have to pick and choose.
  • In the cloud - With a cloud-based system, you can access project documents such as drawings, change orders, financial information such as budgets and costs, RFIs, submittals, and more from anywhere, even from the field on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.
  • Unlimited users, with robust permission and access control - make sure everyone on the project team, including subcontractors, vendors, and other external stakeholders have the information they need (and nothing more).
  • File type support - Implement a system that can handle all of the file types you’ll need to run your project, including CAD (.dwg), word (.doc), spreadsheets (.xlsx), PDF, and more.
  • User friendly - in order for document management to be successful, people need to be able to easily access and update files and information.
  • Version control - It should be easy for users to identify and access the most up to date version of any document, without second guessing. When a user attempts to open a document, they should automatically get the most updated version.
  • Security - Use a document management system that is secure, to keep your private information private. Look for a system that has had its security compliance validated and certified independently by a third party.
  • Integrated with other project management tools - documents are no good if they are sitting in a filing cabinet. Make sure your teams can interact with key documents during project execution, and always have the information they need linked to their other tools.

“Procore simplified project communication by providing a seamless platform to share documents.”

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