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Streamline your submittal process.

Procore's built-in submittal builder scans every page of your spec book and automatically generates a submittal register within seconds. Then, you can organize your submittal log by division, add shop drawings, and mark up and stamp submittals directly in Procore. Attachments can be added to a submittal directly from your computer or directly from Procore's construction Document Management Tool.

Keep Your Team in the Loop on a Submittal Status

Procore offers a sophisticated distribution workflow. Multiple approvers can be designated and every submittal can also be distributed to non-approvers using Procore's “cc“ function. Procore avoids sending too many emails for every submittal by allowing specific submittals to be updated and queued for email distribution at a later date.

Quickly Locate a Submittal

With Procore, users can control their viewing preferences to see all project submittals, specific submittal packages, or submittals by spec section. Procore's construction software also has a wide range of filters so submittals can be viewed by status (Open/Closed), type (Shop Drawing, Specs, Plans, etc.), approver, or response status (Pending, Approved, Approved As Noted). Procore makes it easy to maintain a full history of every submittal. Within an individual submittal, Procore tracks who created the submittal, the creation date, and the date it was received.

Mark up and Stamp Submittals Directly in the Platform

All approvers can now mark up a submittal without ever having to leave Procore. Add your company's personalized stamp to shop drawings and other attached documents to communicate your response to the team. Project teams will always work off the most up-to-date version of the document and the activity feed shows who created the markup, when it was created, and when it was last modified. 


“With Procore I can have an answer to my submittal within 5 minutes.”

Dain Fontenot

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Who uses submittals?

Submittals are most often prepared by a contractor to provide the general contractor with information on a project’s design, equipment, and materials. The information is reviewed by the design team for approval before fabricating and delivering what’s needed to the job site. Submittals can take many forms, including shop drawings, cut sheets on equipment, and material samples. Architects and engineers require them to ensure a finished project confirms to the design and contract documents, for example, ensuring the right products and quantities will be installed.

Why use submittals?

Submittals should be used by any contractor who wants to get the job done right the first time, and avoid mistakes that can sink a project deadline or blow a budget. A submittal review ensures the owners’ expectations are met and that the design and materials they asked for at the project outset are accurately delivered. Submittals add another layer of verification to the build process, ensuring their interpretation of the design matches up with the owner’s vision. They also provide the opportunity to make changes if something doesn’t match. Submittals help ensure the architects, engineers, contractors, and owners remain on the same page throughout the project.

What are some of the benefits of submittals?

Submittals serve as a system of checks and balances over the course of a project. Failing to submit and review any mock-ups, materials lists, project data, and samples could even subject a designer to liability if a project goes off course because of an error or miscommunication. Using submittals gives every stakeholder an opportunity to ensure the project remains in compliance with the original contracted design specifications. Any changes are then reviewed and approved or rejected before action is taken on them.

What are the benefits of using Procore’s built-in submittal builder?

Procore’s built-in Submittal Builder scans through every detail in a project’s spec book and automatically generates a submittal register. You can further organize submittals by division, add any needed shop drawings, and even mark up and stamp submittals, right from the Procore app. Procore lets you at a glance know the current status of any submittals and identify who needs to take action.

How can a platform help with submittals?

Using a platform like Procore streamlines the submittal process by keeping everything in the same place. Users can easily find any submittal they’re looking for, with the ability to organize them by status (open/closed), type (shop drawing, specs, plans, etc.) approver, or response status (pending, approved, approved as noted). Procore keeps a detailed track of every submittal, logging who created it, when it was sent, and the date it was received, even letting companies use a personalized stamp within the app to denote their response. Using a platform improves communication and supercharges workflow by ensuring every member of the project team is always working from the same up-to-date documents.