Organize Submittals

Don't let inaccuracy sink your projects.

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Streamline your submittal process.

Procore's built-in submittal builder scans every page of your spec book and automatically generates a submittal register within seconds. Then, you can organize your submittal log by division, add shop drawings, and mark up and stamp submittals directly in Procore. Attachments can be added to a submittal directly from your computer or directly from Procore's construction Document Management Tool.

  • Mark up and stamp submittals directly in Procore
  • Automatically create the submittal register from the spec book in minutes
  • Always know the current status of submittals and who needs to take action
  • Quickly locate a submittal

“With Procore I can have an answer to my submittal within 5 minutes.”

Dain Fontenot

B.E.T. Construction