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Don't let inaccuracy sink your projects.

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Wrap up sooner. Use software to organise construction submittals.

Procore goes far beyond the creation of a submittals register. You can organise your submittal register by division, add shop drawings, and catalogue pages. Attachments can be added to a submittal directly from your computer or directly from Procore's construction Document Management Tool.

  • Always know the current status of submittals and who needs to take action
  • Quickly locate a submittal
  • Tender packages with unlimited document storage

  • Keep Your Team in the Loop on a Submittal Status

    Procore offers a sophisticated distribution workflow. Multiple approvers can be designated and every submittal can also be distributed to non-approvers using Procore's "cc" function. Procore avoids sending too many emails for every submittal by allowing specific submittals to be updated and queued for email distribution at a later date.

  • Mark up and Stamp Submittals Directly in the Platform

    All approvers can now mark up a submittal without ever having to leave Procore. Add your company's personalized stamp to shop drawings and other attached documents to communicate your response to the team. Project teams will always work off the most up-to-date version of the document and the activity feed shows who created the markup, when it was created, and when it was last modified. 

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  • Quickly Locate a Submittal

    With Procore, users can control their viewing preferences to see all project submittals, specific submittal packages, or submittals by spec section. Procore's construction software also has a wide range of filters so submittals can be viewed by status (Open/Closed), type (Shop Drawing, Specs, Plans, etc.), approver, or response status (Pending, Approved, Approved As Noted). Procore makes it easy to maintain a full history of every submittal. Within an individual submittal, Procore tracks who created the submittal, the creation date, and the date it was received.

"With Procore I can have an answer to my submittal within 5 minutes."

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