Case Study

Scaling with Procore is efficient and quick.

The Challenge

Nearly a decade ago, Robbins|Reed partnered with Procore to help streamline their project management process. As the company grew over the years, they realized they needed a software solution that would not only support their growth, but also facilitate it.

The Solution

As Robbins|Reed grew, so too did Procore's capabilities. With a commitment to turning customer feedback into actionable updates to the platform, Procore provided the comprehensive toolset that Robbins|Reed needed. In turn, this helped the company scale while promoting future growth.

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A Centralized Documentation System

As their team increased in size and the company took on larger, more complex projects, Robbins|Reed could easily manage the process with Procore's user-friendly, centralized platform.

"Procore protects Robbins|Reed because the guys in the field work more efficiently and with better accuracy. Our documentation is tighter, and we're able to run a project without things slipping through the cracks. That's what tends to happen on projects; they move so quickly with so much going on that little bits of data carnage isn't documented or filed. This gets eliminated with Procore because the people onsite doing the day-to-day operations track their work properly. We're no longer losing information and data along the way because Procore allows us to keep pace with the project. That's one of the greatest things about Procore," says Robbins.

With Procore, teams can now readily document and share project data in real-time so that information is accessible to all collaborators. Additionally, Procore's mobile functionality allows the office and field teams to seamlessly communicate, which has been crucial in ensuring that all data is up-to-date and accurate—regardless of the number of collaborators, their location, or device. What's more, they now have easy access to data over the course of the projects' life span.

"What Procore allows us to do is to easily connect the dots and track things. So when this spider web of activity is happening, Procore allows our people in the field to be much more efficient and more accurate in tracking that data through the entire process. Because two weeks from now or two years from now, we need to make sure we have this trail of breadcrumbs to look back and see how we got from inception to final change order, and vice versa. That's what Procore is amazingly good at. When the project is done, we have a much better record of how we got from A to B. That allows our people to be more effective in their jobs."

As this "spider web of activity" grows and becomes more intricate, Robbins|Reed is able to easily monitor, track, and view trends for projects of all sizes.

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Employee Training Has Never Been Easier

Robbins notes that a key factor in their success with Procore has been its simplicity—especially when it comes to onboarding new team members.

"As we grow as a company, it means bringing on people. One of the best features about Procore is that it's intuitive and easy to use. You can have someone get a Procore certification or run him through some tutorial videos, and they're off to the races. It's so easy, and Procore's support helps them if they have any questions. It's phenomenal. It's one of the single greatest things about Procore. I don't think Procore gets enough credit for how amazing their support is. That is key to their success and how we are able to run our business because we're not tied up. As we grow as a company, Procore allows us to onboard people efficiently and quickly, which is a time saver and saves money."

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Mobile Functionality Allows Easy Remote Access

Another key factor in Robbins|Reed's success with Procore has been the mobile functionality. Robbins explains that his team has developers who live in Southern California and Philadelphia. Although the developers make the trip to their San Luis Obispo, California office about once a month, Procore helps them stay connected and collaborate easily while they are away from the office.

"They sign documents via DocuSign, and they can look at the RFIs and project photos in Procore. They're completely remote, and they love it. It absolutely allows us to scale our business because in today's world, people are so remote in different places all over the country. We are still able to connect and stay involved with owners. That helps us as a company as we grow to make sure that these owners and these clients can see how well we manage projects and how well we can include them in that management process. Procore allows them to be hands-on so that they're involved with the project and up to date, not kept in the dark, and we can still manage our project."

As Robbins|Reed continues to expand both their team and territory, Procore offers a toolset to support and facilitate that growth. With a robust documentation system, simple remote access, and a user-friendly interface that makes employee training easy, Procore provides Robbins|Reed's team with a reliable system to help them scale their projects and their business.

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