Programme integration software for construction

Minimize confusion with integrated programme software.

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Gantt understand those charts? Use the calendar view.

Use Procore with your programming software to create, edit, and share programmes.

  • Keep your team on the current programme
  • Integrate with Primavera and MS Project
  • See your programme by day, week, month, or traditional Gantt view
  • Filter tasks by person or company
  • Sort tasks by status: completed, in progress, and critical

Never Work Off of Outdated Programmes

With Procore construction project management software, your entire team will always view the latest, most up-to-date programme. This happens automatically in real time, so that users never have to worry about tracking programme version numbers or revisions.

Customizable Views and Filtering

Because not everyone on the project team is familiar with Gantt charts, the Procore Programme Tool also offers a calendar view, by day, week, or month. Project tasks for the construction programme are presented as individual bars which display the task name, the resource assigned to that task, and the task start and finish dates. Each task has a live, clickable link that allows you to edit several items for each task.

Smarter Task Management

With Procore, users can choose to change the task start date, finish date, or the percentage complete for each individual task using Microsoft Project, Primavera and many others. With Procore, there is no reason to learn how to use new construction project programming software; you can simply make programming changes using the construction software you already use. Whenever a programme task data point is edited, the Procore user ID, date, and time that change was made is recorded by Procore in the individual project database. This unique task change logging feature makes it possible for the entire history of a construction project programme to be recalled at any time using Procore's Reports Tool—a feature that is not available from other construction project programming tools, even from well known vendors such as Microsoft Project and Primavera P6.

Integrate Your Programme with Procore’s Project Management Tools

Project programmes stored in Procore also feed information over to Procore's other construction project management tools. For example, the Daily Log Tool will automatically show the current day's tasks and resources as noted on the programme. This makes it simple for the project superintendent or manager to note what happened on the job site with each programmed task, on any given day.

Advanced Filtering and Searching

View construction project programmes using filtered views, where only the desired information is displayed. Construction project programmes can be filtered by summary tasks or by resource (e.g., the subcontractor working on that task). Procore allows users to search the entire construction project programme using a standard search box. Search through a large project programme for every occurrence of any text, such as “plumbing contractor“ or “framing.“ With Procore, the construction project programme can also be supplemented with “To-Do List“ items. These items are not edited by a user's construction project management programming software, but remain on the Project Calendar screen within Procore.