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Punch list software for construction

Streamline construction with punch list software made for the field.

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Punch right into the current set.

Keep a clear list of punch items, assign responsibility, select a due date, and track its current status.

  • Create punch list items directly from the field—even offline
  • Use QR codes to start your quick punch process
  • Drop punch list items directly onto a drawing
  • Filter by status (unresolved, resolved, open or closed)
  • Maintain real time history of all actions including when it was created, when the responsible party took action, and where it stands now
  • Create a template of common punch list items for efficient reporting

Take your punch list to the job site

Use your mobile device to create and assign punch list items directly from the field, where most issues are likely to be found.

Create detailed punch list items in real time

Every punch list item within Procore can contain documents and digital photos. Procore also provides a large text area for adding details about the punch list item. Users can cut and paste text from other applications directly into Procore and then add extensive formatting and perform spell check on the punch list item description field. The cost code and location can also be specified.

Monitor progress with due dates

Procore construction project management software automatically monitors due dates and can send overdue email notices. The overdue email notices help keep items from falling out of sight and clearly note when an item's due date has passed. The email notification feature is a checkbox item that can be enabled or disabled based on user preference. Punch list items can be viewed in several different ways, including resolved, unresolved, open, and closed, as well as marked as private so that they are only viewable by specific users. The punch list can be exported to PDF as a simple list view or as a detailed report including snapshots from linked drawings and thumbnails of attached photos.

Determine schedule & cost impacts

Schedule and cost impacts can be specified within a punch list item. Users can note whether an item will have an impact upon the project schedule, and if so, how many days the project will be delayed. If the item causes a delay in the construction project, the user can note whether or not this punch list item will also have a cost impact.

Make your to-do list a to-done list with Quick Punch

Create a punch list in seconds while standardizing the information that gives you better reporting.

“Once we saw the Procore demonstration, quite honestly, the software sold itself.”

Grant Robbins


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What are punch lists?

Punch lists are lists of discrepancies between what the contract documents call for and what the parties to the contract delivered. Punch lists come into play near the end of the project so people can fix them before the project closeout. The items on punch lists usually include incorrect, missing or subpar work completed by contractors and subcontractors. For example, when a contractor installs items not matching the project specifications, those items become punch list items. Or, when a specialty contractor installs floor tile with gaps between tiles exceeding the specified size, that work can end up on a punch list. Punch list items arise from anything that doesn’t comply with the contract documents.

Who uses punch lists?

It’s common for every party in a construction project to use punch lists. The project punch list usually starts with the owner, or the owner’s design agents. General contractors and construction managers use the owner’s punch list to make their own punch lists for the subcontractors who work with them. All types of contractors might use punch lists to manage quality as they work on their portions of the project. Punch lists are a powerful quality control tool because contractors usually must clear up the punch list items before they can get paid.

Why use Procore’s Punch List Software?

Procore’s Punch List software helps contractors keep a descriptive, accurate, and up-to-date list of work discrepancies. The software also provides tools to assign responsibility for correcting punch list items, due dates, and to track the status of active punch list items. Contractors can create punch list items directly in the field where the discrepancies occur. Users can sort punch list items by status and can maintain a real time history of actions related to each punch list item. Procore’s punch list software makes managing punch list items a quick, comprehensive and accurate process.

What are some benefits of using Procore for punch lists?

A benefit of using Procore’s punch list software is being able to use a QR code to begin the process. This code, assigned to each punch list item, ensures every action related to the item is recorded, and recorded accurately. Users can also drag and drop punch list items directly onto a digital drawing, removing doubts about the item’s location. When users create punch list items they can copy and paste from RFIs or specifications so the requirements for correcting the discrepancy are clear. They can also include photos and details about how the punch list item impacts cost and schedule.

Does the Procore Punch List Software use Industry Standards?

The Procore Punch List tool follows industry standards for document creation, saving, editing and filing. Users can create templates to speed up the punch list process to reduce rekeying and errors.

Can Procore’s Punch List Software be integrated with other products?

Yes. Procore integrates with apps for accounting, bidding, estimating, takeoff, progress documentation, resource management, scheduling, analytics, BIM, consultants, devices, drones, field communications, quality, safety, and many more. Procore is built to integrate with other platforms so you don't have to juggle apps while juggling your project. Everything is in one place, accessible anywhere, with endless ability to connect.