Snag List

Speed up your snag walk

See how Procore's Quick Capture feature significantly cuts down the time required to create snag items.

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Snag right into the current set.

Keep a clear list of snag items, assign responsibility, select a due date and track its current status.

  • Create snag items faster with the Quick Capture feature
  • Create snag list items directly from the field – even offline
  • Use QR codes to start your quick snag process
  • Drop snag list items directly onto a drawing
  • Filter by status (unresolved, resolved, open or closed)
  • Maintain real-time history of all actions including when it was created, when the responsible party took action and where it stands now

“We wanted something that could do our snagging, document control, and health and safety. All those elements we could do in Procore”

Steve Buchanan

BW: Workplace Experts

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