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Keep cash flowing.

Stop billing delays from turning into building delays and get paid faster with simplified invoice collection, review, and approval.

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Bill confidently.

Track and manage all project invoices from one location. Say goodbye to searching through emails, paper, and spreadsheets —it's all in Procore.

  • Gain visibility into the status of every invoice for a given period 
  • Streamline invoice routing and approvals 
  • Integrate with accounting to gain real-time insight into the status of progress payments
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Bill accurately.

Have confidence that sub invoice amounts match the amount of work completed, and no invoices have been missed. 

  • Prevent overbilling
  • Verify work completed
  • Reduce rework on invoices
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Bill collaboratively.

Streamline communication across billing stakeholders to drive accountability and improve invoice turnaround time.

  • Increase financial controls
  • Customize invoice approval workflow templates
  • Automate invoice approvals with conditional logic thresholds in place
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Easily track invoices.

Forget logging in to multiple systems. Simplify sub billing with tools designed to quickly collect, review, and approve invoiced amounts in one organized place.

  • Save hours each month versus invoicing with a basic spreadsheet
  • Be assured you are working with the most up to date invoices
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“Generating a bill in Procore, rather than in email and excel, automated a 2 week process to just 10 minutes.”

Erik Feld

Erik Feld

TruEdge Builds

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Invoice Management Tools

Say goodbye to late nights at the office every last week of every month. Now, what used to take days takes minutes with paperless invoicing software for contractors.

Connect everyone and everything on one platform. Build better.

Work more efficiently, communicate better, and build faster from a single source of truth. See how you can do more on the leading construction management platform.

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Who uses Invoice Management?

Procore Invoice Management is invoicing software for contractors and developers looking to simplify their invoicing process and get paid faster. Historically, construction invoice software has been designed only for accounting teams, which unintentionally built barriers between office and field teams who need to collaborate monthly on bills. This product was purpose built for all members of a project team involved in invoicing and puts collaboration at the center of invoicing efficiency.

Why use Invoice Management?

Procore’s Invoice Management solution makes it easy to collect, review, and approve invoices to avoid project delays and get everyone paid faster. This product enables you to accurately bill for work completed, simplify subcontractor billing management, and streamline communication across billing stakeholders. With a single place to track and manage all of your invoices, you’ll have confidence that all invoiced amounts match the amount of work completed, and no invoices have been missed.

What are some of the benefits of using Procore Invoice Management?

With one place to manage all upstream and downstream bills, companies are able to speed up their invoice turnaround by no longer managing this process out of spreadsheets. See how Erik Feld from TruEdge Builds was able to automate his invoice creation process from 2 weeks to just 10 minutes by using Procore Invoice Management.

TruEdge Builds Case Study

What are some of the features of Invoice Management?

  • Invoicing dashboard to track the status of invoices, percent complete, and payments
  • Easy invoice generation and tracking
  • Automated billing periods that align with accounting 
  • Collaborative invoice review and approval 
  • Automatic back up documentation assembly for upstream invoices
  • Custom PDF builder to control the level of detail displayed on upstream invoices

Can Invoice Management be integrated with other products?

Yes. As part of Procore’s platform and our commitment to providing connected financial solutions, the Invoice Management product is integrated with Project Financials, the Sage 300 CRE Connector, and the QuickBooks Connector. In addition, Invoice Management integrates with several of our partners in the Procore App Marketplace such as,, DocuSign, and LevelSet.

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