Subcontractor Invoicing

Streamline the collection, reviewal, and approval of subcontractor invoices so you can ensure payment and keep projects moving forward.

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Stop billing delays from turning into building delays so you can get paid fast.

48% of surveyed users say Procore helps prevent overbilling*. Here's how.

  • Easily designate invoice contacts for all commitments 
  • Incrementally collect, review, and approve invoices for the agreed upon progress milestones or billing cycles identified in your commitments
  • Send automated courtesy reminders to subcontractors and vendors to submit invoices by a specified due date

*Data collected from Unlocking the ROI of Construction Technology: Procore's 2021 User ROI Report.

“Some of our local subs will get paid 2 days from submitting an invoice instead of the previous 60 or 90.”

Erik Feld

Erik Feld

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