Case Study

"Billing process went from 2 weeks to just 10 minutes."

The Challenge

TruEdge Builds printed invoices, entered data into a spreadsheet, and then scanned them into the system. Not only was this time-consuming, but it also left them exposed to mistakes in Excel formulas. This sometimes caused a difference of thousands of dollars because hidden formulas or cells in the spreadsheet showed incorrect budget and invoice amounts that were then sent to the client. This resulted in rework and 2-3 rounds of review for a sub or client invoice which often delayed subcontractor payments up to 90 days.

The Solution

Automated Billing

Automated billing boosts confidence with their clients and subcontractors, and allows subcontractors to start work earlier in projects, helping speed up the overall schedule of the job.

Streamlined Invoice Management

Approved invoices are easily added to commitments against schedule of values. This reflects in the budget and invoices for that pay period, ensuring all information is upto-date and accurate.

Integrated Cost Codes

With the correct cost codes, teams didn’t have to rely on remembering the correct cost codes correctly when generating the invoice, thereby eliminating mistakes and countless hours rework.

“Some of our local subs will get paid 2 days from submitting an invoice instead of the previous 60 or 90.”

Erik Feld

Los Angeles Federal Credit Union's reception

Paid in a Matter of Days

Instead of subcontractors getting paid in 45-90 days, now they get paid in just 7 days or less.

Billing Generated in Minutes

By automating the billing process, generating a billing for a project went from 2 weeks to just 10 minutes.

Reduced Overhead

With Procore, TruEdge now has 5 employees doing the same work that 25 employees used to do. Eliminating manual invoicing helped TruEdge Builds save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

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