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Keep cash flowing.

Stop billing delays from turning into building delays—get paid faster with simplified invoice collection, review, and approval.

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“Generating a bill in Procore, rather than in email and Excel, automated a 2 week process to just 10 minutes.”

Erik Feld

TruEdge Builders


Bill accurately.

Have confidence that subcontractor progress claims match the amount of work completed and no progress claims have been missed.

  • Prevent overbilling
  • Verify work completed
  • Reduce rework on invoices by 60%

Bill collaboratively.

Streamline communication across billing stakeholders so that everyone has access to the latest information in a format that everyone can understand.

  • Speed up billing turn around
  •  Easily approve or reject invoiced amounts

Easily track invoices.

Forget logging in to multiple systems. Simplify subcontractor billing with tools designed to quickly collect, review, and approve invoiced amounts in one organized place.

  • Save 8 hours each month versus invoicing with a basic spreadsheet
  • Be assured you are working with the most up to date invoices
* Based on a 2019 survey of over 140 Procore customers.

Invoice Management Tools

Say goodbye to late nights at the office every last week of every month. Now, what used to take days takes minutes with paperless invoicing software for contractors.

One platform for everything.

Procore connects all your people, software, and data on one platform—so everyone on your project has access to everything they need. The platform gives you the freedom to connect with hundreds of integrations in the Procore Marketplace. So even if we don’t build it, you can connect.

The Procore Marketplace allows you to integrate with your other favorite solutions, giving you access to:

  • Lien waiver and payment platforms
  • Digitally sign and send contracts and documents
  • Accounting Integrations


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Keep Cash Flowing.

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