Owner Invoicing

Automatically compile all of your subcontractor invoices and back up documentation in minutes with simplified owner invoicing.

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Generate bills in minutes, not weeks.

Simplify the invoice collection, review, and approval process for project owners with paperless invoice management. 73% customer respondents agree that Procore improves their ability to track and manage project costs*.

  • Reduce the invoicing process from days to minutes with automated workflows
  • Increase confidence that invoice amounts match work completed
  • Customize invoices to meet the level of detail required by a specific client or project type
  • Generate accurate progress bills with the ability to account for retainage and stored materials
  • Easily attach additional documentation such as Lien Waivers or insurance so all required backup can be submitted and stored in one place

* Based on a 2022 survey of Procore customers.

“Generating a bill in Procore, rather than in email and excel, automated a 2 week process to just 10 minutes.”

Erik Feld

Erik Feld

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