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Construction Software Buyer's Guide for Subcontractors

The step-by-step guide to choosing the best construction software for subcontractors.

How to Reduce Costs and Improve Profitability as a Specialty Contractor

Even the most business-savvy specialty contractors can be victims of hidden expenses that could lead to costly mistakes. Learn to avoid critical mistakes.

2019 Mid-Year Construction Economic Update

Our experts attended all of the industry's most popular mid-year economic updates to summarize how we're performing against January forecasts. We've compiled their findings into this free, quick read so to help you prepare for the next downturn.

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5 Drawing Management Mistakes

Download our free eBook to find out the 5 most common drawing management mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Manual Invoicing vs Automated Invoicing

Still managing invoices with manual processes? It could be costing you more than you think. Download the infographic to see exactly how much it could be costing you and learn how to stop billing delays from turning into building delays.

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How to Increase Profits for Your Construction Business

Staying profitable is simply a matter of knowing what to track. Every GC needs to know these 5 things to stay on track.

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Making Dollars and Sense

If your finances aren't dialed in, you're leaving money on the table.

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6 Steps to Winning a Bid

For construction companies looking to win more bids, there are proven approaches to increase visibility, improve efficiency, and make sure projects are finished on time and on budget.

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The Ultimate Guide to Beating Construction's Skilled Labor Shortage

95% of specialty contractors have issues finding skilled workers, and things have only gotten worse since 2007. Discover methods to attract and keep talent.

Construction Software Buyer's Guide for Home Builders

Inefficiencies keep projects from being completed. By using software for manual processes, there will be less surprises and higher margins.

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How Construction Technology Saves Time, Money, and Jobs

How to harness technology to empower your teams and ensure that you keep pace with rapid innovation in construction.

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2019 Tech Trends

As construction continues its digital transformation, the industry has expanded its adoption of both consumer-grade technologies like digital cameras, smartphones, tablets, and apps as well as industry-grade hardware and software.

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Break Free From the Iron Triangle

The iron triangle of "fast, good or cheap ... pick two" can finally be broken using all-in-one construction platforms that help you manage costs and quality.

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The Top 6 Rework Offenders Killing Your Margins

Sources say it can be anywhere from nine to thirty percent of your profits.

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5 Reasons You Need Construction Financials in Your Tech Stack

Construction's five biggest challenges are a lack of data, lack of visibility, financial delays, siloed, data, and point solutions.

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Construction Software Buyer's Guide

As construction transitions to digital, it is increasingly important to invest in the right construction management solution. Here is our expert guide.

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Turn BIM into Your Business Advantage

Bringing BIM to the field gives your team greater insight into how things should be built. Avoid rework, improve communication, and streamline projects.

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6 Tips to Help Specialty Contractors Win More Bids

Although there’s no formula to guarantee success, specialty contractors can take specific steps to avoid costly mistakes when it comes to bidding.

The 3 Major Qualities of a Successful Task-analysis Approach

For decades, studies have shown tangible links between safety, quality, and productivity, yet the industry has only recently begun to embrace the concept that we cannot neglect one of these without having a negative impact on the others.

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Construction Software's Next Big Thing

What you'll find inside: How APIs are expanding the current technology ecosystem; The challenges presented by unintegrated software solutions and how this affects organizations as a whole; How clients, field staff, and executives benefit from PaaS and APIs; Tips for choosing a platform solution to fit your needs

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Building a Retail Brand with Construction Software

What you'll find inside: Houses all project information in one central location, eliminating potential delays and rework; Streamlines the construction process so brand messaging stays consistent across locations; Provides owners with visibility into project health; Keeps your project on schedule and under budget

Connecting the Lifecycle of Construction

There is a myth that construction has been slow to adopt technology. The truth is that technology has been slow to provide solutions for AEC. But an open API approach to the industry has the power to change that.

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The Strategic Role of IT in Construction Technology

The construction industry has gone through a digital transformation, but many IT professionals are tempted to stick to what they know and maintain the solutions they already have in place—if it ain';t broke, why fix it?

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Uncover the Hidden Cost of Project Silos

In order to stay competitive, you have to make decisions faster than your competitors. When your project information is stored in different software solutions, you end up wasting hours of your day just trying to find the information you need to make those important decisions.

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Future Tech Series: 3D Printing

From waste to cost overruns, inefficient use of resources, and everything in between—download this ebook to see how 3D printing can be your key to a more efficient and profitable future.

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7 Strategies for Hiring and Keeping Talent During the Labor Shortage

According to the 2016 Global Occupier Survey from CBRE Group, Inc., average total construction costs in the U.S. have risen at an average rate of 2.3% since January 2011, accounting for a cumulative rise of 11.8%. The main factor in the rise of construction costs? The prices of materials.

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Master Your Budget, Protect Your Profit Margins

There’s a lot going on at the jobsite, and with constant changes to the plans, you need a way to manage your drawing sets. But not all systems are created equal, and many can lead to more chaos than what you started with. Download our free eBook to find out the 5 most common drawing management mistakes and how to avoid them.

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6 Wearables that are Changing the Future of Construction Safety

Dive into this free eBook and find out which wearables have gone to market, which are still in beta, and how all of them could dramatically change the way you work every day.

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Get Your Field Teams out of Your ERP

Many enterprises considering the latest tech think they have to choose between a reliable Tier 1 ERP system or a cloud-based platform.

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My accounting software is good enough.

You deserve the best financial solutions. Not just tools that are good enough.

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Technology Chargeback in the Construction Industry

In the old days, the only cost that would hit the owner were charges typically identified under the general conditions. This was because the technology (PC’s, servers, cell phones, etc), typically sat at the job site.

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Where Did ERP Systems Go Wrong?

It's 5:59 PM, and once again you can't leave the jobsite because your ERP system is giving you that darn spinning wheel once again. This is the fifth time today, and you have yet to hear back from anyone from your software vendor's customer support. Are you done waiting on a system that wasn't built for the needs of a modern day professional like you?

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Bringing Job Costing to the Field

Without the right financial tools, no amount of elbow grease will build anything but frustration and margin drains.

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The Extinction of Paper-Based Specs

Until recently, specification books have remained paper-based, or, at best, have been digitized in the form of isolated files. The data sets have been too large, with too many information sources to make for an easy transition to the cloud.

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Cover Your A$$

Real Time Quality Assurance on the Job Site

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ERP is Dead

Why Single-Source Software Packages Can't Compete With Integrated Platforms. Download our free eBook to find out more about:

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Procore Implementation with HITT Contracting

HITT Contracting is currently ranked #64 on the ENR list with over $1.1 billion in construction volume each year. They are running over 825 concurrent projects in Procore. With the help of Jim Landefeld, HITT’s Senior Vice President of Operations Technology, they’ve mastered the art of Procore. And now, Jim wants to help you do it too.

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Security in the Cloud

What you'll find inside: How the cloud is changing the technological landscape for businesses; The benefits of cloud-based software; Security tips to protect yourself, your company, and your clients; What to look for when choosing a provider

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Generating Accurate As-Built Drawing Sets

Leading companies don't waste time on As-Builts. Because once you close out a project, no further work should be required. What if all of that paperwork was done for you? Download the ebook to learn more.

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Experts Reveal the Top Strategy for Talent Acquisition During the Labor Shortage

75% of contractors are having a hard time finding skilled workers. Luckily, if you have a great place to work and a good hiring strategy, the "war for talent" doesn't have to be your reality.

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How to Fight the Labor Shortage in the Construction Industry

As the industry evolves to become more technology driven, companies are forced to confront a sobering fact: in order to attract and retain top employees, companies must offer premier software solutions.

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Construction Risk Management Guide

Most failures can be traced back to the blatant disregard of codes and laws, but some stem from the everyday small stuff––oversights, gaps in communication, or shortcuts. And whether big or small, a mistake could have deadly consequences.

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How to Win a Bid

Winning a bid for a project is easy – you don't need to be an expert estimator to do that. The hard part is winning successful bids without lowballing your services or setting your team up for a scheduling nightmare that will damage your reputation.

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2021 ROI Report

Get global insights from Procore customers who are improving performance and transforming how we build.

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Field Productivity

"But I already track productivity."

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Specialty Contractor's Guide to the Platform

If you've ever been burned by software vendors that promise "cloud-based, connected solutions" that left you stuck with the same amount of double entry you started out with—you know that not all platform claims are true. In fact, most are cobbled-together point solutions in disguise. Download this ebook for a guide to spotting the difference.

The Power of a Construction Software Platform

Completing projects safely, on time, and within budget—especially during times of crisis—requires seamless collaboration among all stakeholders and a solution that makes it easy for teams to stay connected.

Procore Project Management and Mobile Reporting ranked #1 in construction

Learn about the technology your company can leverage to build what’s next.

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Construction Activity Index

This report utilizes aggregated jobsite activity from Procore as well as publicly available information to measure construction activity across the country.

Global Report

How technology and culture can help businesses scale and adapt.