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What's the ROI?

ROI is more than numbers on a balance sheet—it's proof of how technology empowers people who build our world. We're offering this report as a resource now because it's never been more important to have the right tools to meet this moment.

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Top 6 Rework Offenders Killing Your Margins

Sources say it can be anywhere from nine to thirty percent of your profits. It may seem like these losses are an unavoidable and accepted part of the building process, but it doesn't have to be...

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Open APIs

Find out if open APIs should be a part of your 2018 business plan and the solution you need to get ahead.

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Construction Software's Next Big Thing

What you'll find inside: What APIs are, and how they are the next big thing in construction; The challenges that data silos create for your business; Why clients, field staff, and executives will love seamless connectivity; Tips for choosing a platform solution to fit your needs

Break Free From the Iron Triangle

Summed up as 'fast, good, or cheap...pick two', the Iron Triangle concept asserts that there are firm boundaries on what is possible to produce. We can help you do it all.

How Construction Technology Saves Time, Money, and Jobs

Your company is up against a new workforce of tech-savvy millennials, job site automation, and the demands of a booming economy. In this digital era, working with outdated technology, or pen and paper can wreak havoc on your bottom line.

Construction + Spreadsheets = Risk

Forbes suggests Excel might be "the most dangerous software on the planet" while Fortune accuses Excel of "ruining the world." Harsh words, but why the criticism and what can be done to protect you, your company, and your data against Excel';s shortfalls?

What's the ROI?

I have no idea what I'm paying for. I can't accurately budget for IT costs. Aren't our current systems good enough? What's the ROI?

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The Construction Project Management Software Buyer's Guide

As construction transitions to digital, it is increasingly important to invest in the right construction management solution. Here is our expert guide.

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The Extinction of Paper-Based Specs

Specification books—those hefty tomes that catalog every detail of a design and its subsequent execution in the field—have remained paper-based, or, at best, have been digitized in the form of isolated files. The data sets have been too large, with too many information sources to make for an easy transition to the cloud.

Get Your Field Teams out of Your ERP

Many enterprises considering the latest tech think they have to choose between a reliable Tier 1 ERP system or a cloud-based platform.

Turn BIM into Your Business Advantage

Bringing BIM to the field gives your team greater insight into how things should be built. Avoid rework, improve communication, and streamline projects.

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Strategic Role of Information Technology in the Construction Industry

Although IT is not a traditional role in construction, technology's influence in construction continues to grow, increasing the demand for IT and the impact they can have to improve construction.

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Keeping Your Technology Up To Date

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Immersive Reality in the Future of Construction Technology

Virtual reality is changing the face of construction with technology like the Microsoft HoloLens making it possible to view schematics in real time, in an actionable, if alternate, reality.

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Construction Software Buyer's Guide for Subcontractors

The step-by-step guide to choosing the best construction software for subcontractors.

How to Reduce Costs and Improve Profitability as a Specialty Contractor

Even the most business-savvy specialty contractors can be victims of hidden expenses that could lead to costly mistakes. Learn to avoid critical mistakes.

2019 Mid-Year Construction Economic Update

Our experts attended all of the industry's most popular mid-year economic updates to summarize how we're performing against January forecasts. We've compiled their findings into this free, quick read so to help you prepare for the next downturn.

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5 Drawing Management Mistakes

Download our free eBook to find out the 5 most common drawing management mistakes and how to avoid them.

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How to Increase Profits for Your Construction Business

Staying profitable is simply a matter of knowing what to track. Every GC needs to know these 5 things to stay on track.

6 Steps to Winning a Bid

For construction companies looking to win more bids, there are proven approaches to increase visibility, improve efficiency, and make sure projects are finished on time and on budget.

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Construction Risk Management

Tech based quality and safety programs can improve the quality of risk management, leading to reduced injury and less costs.

Secrets to Growing Your Business

It’s not an easy challenge to keep a construction company afloat. After working with thousands of companies, these are the patterns we have seen that lead to success.

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Not-So-Risky Business

Choosing a construction software is essential to scaling any construction company. Procore's all-in-one solution is the safest bet for everyone and every trade.

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