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Top 6 Rework Offenders Killing Your Margins

The first goal of any quality management programme is to get things done right the first time. To prevent things from going wrong, project teams must be one step ahead of the project in the first place in terms of oversight and supervision.

What's the ROI?

ROI is more than numbers on a balance sheet—it's proof of how technology empowers people who build our world. We're offering this report as a resource now because it's never been more important to have the right tools to meet this moment.

Power of the Platform

Completing projects safely, on time, and within budget – especially during times of crisis – requires seamless collaboration among all stakeholders and a solution that makes it easy for teams to stay connected.

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The Future of Work is Now Research Report

In a world where we've been forced to work differently, how has technology enabled construction leaders to adapt to new realities? We surveyed over 250 construction managers in the UK to find out. Read the report and see how the industry is responding in a time of crisis and what's going to move the needle going forward.

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Construction + Spreadsheets = Risk

Forbes suggests Excel might be "the most dangerous software on the planet," while Fortune accuses Excel of "ruining the world." Harsh words, but why the criticism? What can be done to protect you, your company, and your data against Excel';s shortfalls?

Breaking the Mould

If you want your construction business to last, now is the time for you to differentiate yourself.

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The Construction Project Management Software Buyer's Guide

When it comes to investing in technology, you can't afford to make a decision without all the information. That's why we've compiled expert tips from top software procurement experts to help you understand how to navigate the process and make the best decision for your company.

How Construction Technology Saves Time, Money, and Jobs

Your company is up against a new workforce of tech-savvy millenials, jobsite automation, and the demands of a booming economy. In this digital era, working with outdated technology, or pen and paper, can wreak havoc on your bottom line.

How To Buy A Construction Management Platform

Here's the secret to picking a construction platform for your business: there is no secret. The truth is, what works for one company, might not work for you.

Turn BIM into Your Business Advantage

Bringing BIM to the field gives your team greater insight into how things should be built. Avoid rework, improve communication, and streamline projects.

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Exclusive Guide to the Connected Construction Site

In the UK and Ireland, traditional construction processes are moving away from paper-based methods to digital ones—making construction projects more efficient, safer, and higher quality.

Six Simple Ways to Improve Construction Project Quality

Quality has the largest impact on client satisfaction with any project. Having detailed plans for inspection and reporting are vital to improving quality control.

2019 Mid-Year Construction Economic Update

Our experts attended all of the industry's most popular mid-year economic updates to summarize how we're performing against January forecasts. We've compiled their findings into this free, quick read so to help you prepare for the next downturn.