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Spend less time billing and more time building with software for invoice management.

Procore Invoice Management streamlines the collection, reviewal, and submission of monthly invoices to ensure everyone gets paid faster.

  • Invite subcontractors to bill inside Procore
  • Collaboratively review the scope of work breakdown for invoicing
  • Prefill owner invoices with approved subcontractor invoices
  • Electronically sign and compile invoices, certificates of insurance, and lien waivers leveraging the Procore App Marketplace
  • Create custom bill groups to cater invoices to client preferences

  • Paperless Invoicing

    Invoice clients and receive invoices from each of your commitments in the industry standard G702/G703 formats for progress billing with features for retainage and stored materials. Generate standard G702/G703 documents that can be customized to meet your specific client or company’s needs.

  • Improve business relationships

    Be the team that people want to work with because they know they will get paid faster. With Procore Invoice Management general contractors don’t have to spend time tracking down subcontractor billings, and subs are empowered to be proactive about sending monthly invoices. Owners and lenders have the transparency they need to be prepared for each billing cycle and are able to turn around payment quicker.

  • Sign and deliver in seconds

    What used to take days, now takes minutes with the ability to sign contracts, subcontractor invoices, owner invoices, and lien waivers anytime, anywhere with the Procore + DocuSign® integration.

  • Minimize financial risks

    Reduce your risk, lower your costs, and get quicker turnaround times with more efficient and trackable processes. Leverage integrations to create lien documents inside of Procore and seamlessly attach them to invoices to ensure all required backup is submitted.

  • Grow your company without growing your workforce.

    What used to take days, now takes minutes. Automate processes and improve communication between your teams to execute invoices faster, get more done in less time, and avoid late nights at the office every last week of every month.