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Eldeco construction workers standing on a construction site
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Safety is more than vests and hard hats.

Anyone can help improve mental health in construction. We're breaking the stigma, getting people talking, and lifting up resources in partnership with The B1M.

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Eldeco construction workers standing on a construction site

Protecting Our Most Valuable Resource: People

It's time we break the silence around mental health in construction. The B1M and Procore are working to raise $1 million in funds to donate to organizations working with change in mind.

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Action starts with knowledge.

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Time for Change: Get Construction Talking Launches in Australia

Watch as Fred Mills, founder of The B1M, leads a discussion around mental health among construction leaders and safety innovators in Sydney, Australia.


Addressing Mental Health in Construction

Hear from a panel of experts in construction and mental health to learn how you can turn awareness into action.

Tooey Courtemanche and Fren Mills' shaking hands


Addressing Construction's Mental Health Pandemic

Watch Procore's Tooey Courtemanche moderate a panel discussion with speakers featured in the Get Construction Talking two-part documentary series.

A woman construction worker smiling to the camera


Change the way you see your safety.

A holistic culture of safety requires a focus on workers' psychological well-being. Anyone can help by looking out for their team and pointing them to the right support.

  • In the U.S. and U.K., construction has the highest rate of suicide.

  • In Australia, we lose one construction worker to suicide every two days.

  • 48% of Canadian and American firms include mental wellness in their safety programs.

  • Construction workers are 4x more likely to take their own lives.

Three construction workers having a conversation


Get Procore Safety Qualified

Go beyond standard rules and create a culture of safety. Get started with these free safety courses.

Two constructions workers laughing


Build at the intersection of safety and belonging.

Construction is safer when everyone is equipped for the job. Part of this is ensuring underrepresented workers like women have access to proper-fitting PPE and workwear. It also means fostering team psychological safety where everyone is treated with trust and respect.

Three tiles with images of construction workers


How Diversity and Inclusion Impacts Your Safety Program

Explore the correlation between safety and inclusion practices and the role PPE procurement can play in promoting retention.

Two construction workers using a tablet


Tech saves bodies and minds.

Construction is physically and mentally demanding. The industry is turning to technology for innovative ways to keep field teams safe while lessening the physical and mental stress of the workforce.

  • Construction accounts for 21% of all deaths among US workers.

  • 24.2 million hours of work were missed due to injury or illness in 2022.

  • About $5B is lost due to construction-related deaths annually.

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ROI Report

Why the right tech is more crucial than ever.

See what solutions are driving results for industry leaders all over the world.