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Make better decisions with connected real-time budgeting and forecasting solutions.

Use Procore's Budgeting Tool to efficiently manage your project budgets, financial reporting, and forecasts. By automatically aligning your costs, contracts and change orders with your budget, Procore makes it easy to review financial performance for a single project, or across your portfolio.

  • Make informed financial decisions from the field or office
  • Track expenses, including labor and production data, against your budgets in real time
  • Forecast remaining cost to complete with detailed notes for each line, and generate monthly cash flow forecasts across the project lifecycle
  • Provide your team with visibility into project financial status with detailed, configurable financial reporting
  • Import cost estimates and original budgets for quick setup

Configurable and Flexible

We've taken the flexibility and configurability of Excel and thrown it into a cloud-based SaaS platform. You have the freedom to budget your way! Our dynamic and customizable budget allows you to create and share standardized reporting templates, keep a pulse on project budgets and the financial health of the company, and trust your data with visibility into the most up-to-date cost information. No more siloed systems. No more limitations. No more bottlenecks. You have control over how you want to interact with and view your financial data.


Procore’s forecasting solutions provide you with the power and ease of use you need to protect your profits, and understand how and when costs will occur across the project lifecycle. Automatically aggregate the current state of all costs, contracts and change orders. Create detailed, multi-line entries of Forecasted Costs to Complete, and spread that data over timelines as needed. Mitigate your highest risk line items with General Conditions Monitoring. View it all within Procore or printed as a PDF. As details change, dive deeper into your data and respread projected costs over the duration of your project on any line item. Save “snapshots“ whenever needed to memorialize reporting. Analyze historical snapshots, including the full detail of each line's notes and projections.

Real Time, Automated, and Collaborative

Procore's Budget tool is always up to date with the latest contracts, change orders, and direct costs, so you don't have to copy data from reports into spreadsheets or request an updated report from Accounting. Using Procore's robust permission structure you can provide visibility to key team members, giving them insight into the project's financial status. When combined with the power of Procore's accounting system connectors, job costs will automatically sync from accounting and give you the up to date picture whenever you want to see it. With the Budget tool's drill-down functionality, you won't have to dig through other reports to confirm whether a certain cost or change order has been incorporated. You can click on any number, see, and link to all of the included items.

Financial Reports

Procore provides a variety of financial reporting capabilities allowing project stakeholders to view the data the way they need it, from summary level to the most granular detail.  Users can quickly and easily generate configurable reports directly from the budget, and standardize these templates for continued use as needed. The underlying data is all connected providing a current picture with increased visibility, efficiency and accuracy. ​​​​​​

“We have expanded Procore to cover 100+ active projects across the US with everything managed through Procore.”

John Towie

Safari Energy