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Risk Management

Learn from experts about mitigating risks in construction through safety, insurance, and surety bonds. Protect your business by establishing a solid portfolio of risk management strategies.

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Basics of Construction Risk Management

Risk management in construction involves identifying and mitigating potential loss events that businesses face. Due to the high-risk nature of the industry, risk management professionals are responsible for implementing practices that help protect their business. 

Whether obtaining insurance, securing surety bond coverage, or helping to implement safety protocols on construction sites, risk managers must be aware of the factors that may impact their company’s exposure and affect their bottom line.

Man in hard hat looking at a computer screen while another man looks on.

Construction Risk Management: 5 Steps to Reduce & Mitigate Risk

Construction is a risky industry, with one of the highest...

Man in hard hat review documents with another man in front of construction equipment.

10 Common Construction Risks for Contractors & Owners

Construction is a tough, often volatile industry, with one of...

Close up of construction worker's hand clipping a rope to a railing.

How to Minimize Risk on Government Construction Projects

From the bidding process to regulatory requirements to payment processes,...

Close up of hand holding pen reviewing blueprints with computer and hard hat in the background.

Construction Insurance: 9 Types of Policies Contractors Need to Know

Construction is a risky business. Everyone who works on a...


Explore different types of insurance coverages, policy documents and protections offered for construction businesses.

Construction workers unload material from a truck to other workers standing on scaffolding.

General Liability Insurance for Contractors

As one of the most common types of insurance, general...

Close up of person's back with safety harness strapped to scaffolding.

A Contractor’s Guide to Builder’s Risk Insurance

Any party with a vested interest in new construction or...

Close up of person in suit handing a document and pen to another person.

CCIP & OCIP: A Guide to Controlled Insurance Programs in Construction

Each contractor and party on a construction project has their...

Illustration of errors and omissions insurance document

Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance Explained for Construction

Errors and omissions (E&O) insurance covers contractors against financial loss...

Surety Bonds

Learn the ins and outs of how surety bonds can help risk management professionals prevent loss on construction projects.

Illustration of construction bond documents.

A Contractor’s Guide to Construction Bonds

Many construction projects today require that contractors provide bonds. A...

Parking garage under construction in a city.

Performance Bonds for Construction Explained

Performance bonds provide a guarantee that a contractor will fulfill...

Man in hard hat reviews document in front of electrical station.

Contractor Bonds vs. Insurance: What to Know

As a contractor, it’s important to have the right protections...

Government building with doric columns.

Little Miller Acts: Bond Requirements on State Construction Projects

For general contractors who commonly work on government projects, obtaining...


Build out your understanding of safety protocols and hazards to ensure all parties and equipment are protected on your construction sites.

Construction worker wearing a harness clipped to a rope.

Top OSHA Violations in Construction (2021)

To those on the jobsite day-to-day, it’s no surprise that...

Two construction workers wearing safety harnesses walk under scaffolding in a city.

Top 8 Construction Health and Safety Hazards

In the construction industry, a lot can go wrong with...

Construction worker with back to camera looks up at cranes overhead.

7 Ways to Improve Construction Site Safety

Construction is a risky business by almost any measure: It...

Contractor wearing protective hard hat, eyewear, and reflective vest examining clipboard with safety documents

36 Construction Safety Statistics for 2023

Worker safety is consistently one of the top priorities on...

Photo of a person conducting a construction safety review, all workers in the photo are wearing personal protective equipment

12 Safety Organizations for the Construction Industry

With the high risk of fatal incidents and worker injuries...

Construction accidents: photo of caution tape on construction site with 2 workers wearing protective equipment working inside and checking documents.

Common Accidents on Construction Sites 

Construction workers can face a variety of risks on job...

Jobsite workers filling out a job safety analysis and hazard report

Performing a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) in Construction

On the jobsite, safety is a contractor’s number one priority....

Construction Safety Manager wearing a hard hat while looking at a tablet.

What Does a Construction Safety Manager Do?

Construction sites require strict adherence to safety protocols, as a...

Recent Articles

Four construction professionals facing away walk toward a jobsite

How to Prevent Mechanics Liens on Any Construction Project

In construction, when a contractor or supplier is unpaid, they...

Photo of construction professionals looking over construction lien paperwork

Construction Liens Explained: How Unpaid Contractors Recover Payment

In construction, there are many forms of recourse available to...

2 workers wearing reflective vests and hard hats discussing a construction safety management plan on a site

Construction Safety Management: Building a System to Reduce Risk

Due to the high-risk nature of construction work, having a...

Photo of construction quality control inspection

QC in Construction: How Builders Manage Quality Control

In construction, quality control (QC) refers to the procedures and...

Photo of worker in protective hat and reflective vest looking at construction report

Construction Reporting: Key Report Types & Best Practices

In the world of construction, reporting is not just a...

Photo of a worker dealing with construction noise while using a large piece of noisy equipment by wearing the proper PPE, in this case over-ear protection.

Construction Noise: How to Protect Workers & Reduce Noise Pollution

Construction is an inherently noisy activity, which can significantly impact...

2 photos of different types of workers in different types of construction environments juxtaposed

OSHA Standards for Construction vs. General Industry: Similarities & Differences

For more than 50 years, OSHA’s standards have outlined the...

Construction worker helps injured worker walk along scaffolding

Construction Incident Report: Not Just For Injuries

Accidents happen, and even best-laid plans can go wrong. As...

Closeup photo of worker in reflective vest conducting construction jobsite inspection

Contractor’s Guide to Jobsite Inspections

As a contractor, performing jobsite inspections is an important part...

2 construction workers on a jobsite completing a construction safety report on a clipboard.

How to Write a Construction Safety Report

As the construction industry continues to grow and evolve, the...

Three workers on a jobsite all wearing PPE including reflective vests and hardhats and harnesses. One worker is supervising two others who are climbing scaffolding.

Construction PPE: What Contractors Need for Jobsite Safety

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one of the cornerstones of...

Photo of electrician wearing PPE working on electrical panel.

Electrical Hazards in Construction: How to Make Jobsites Safer

Electrical hazards present a huge opportunity for construction companies to...

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