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Procore's free courses designed to give construction professionals the tools they need to create a culture of safety awareness.

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Become a leader in safety. Put it on your resume, lead the conversation, add a Procore Safety Qualified sticker to your hard hat, and most importantly, stay safe.


Encourage all team members across a project to participate in the Procore Safety Qualified program and unite safety culture.

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The Procore Safety Qualified program contains 5 courses, each centered around one of the top 5 OSHA violations, and focused on creating a culture of safety awareness with live-action, engaging, and informative content. Check out the 5 courses below.

  • Procore safety qualified course - lockout tag

    Lockout Tagout

    Become familiar with Lockout Tagout, OSHA's set of practices that safeguards workers from both the unexpected energization of equipment or the release of hazardous energy during service and maintenance of equipment.

  • Procore safety qualified course - respitory protection

    Respiratory Protection

    Learn how to create and enforce an effective respiratory protection program in the workplace.

  • Procore safety qualified course - scaffolding


    In this course, you will become familiar with the structural elements of a safe scaffolding system and the fall protection measures you’re required to take.

  • Procore safety qualified course - hazard communication

    Hazard Communication

    Learn the proper safety information and instructions for using chemicals found in the workplace.

  • Procore safety qualified course - fall protection

    Fall Protection

    Learn how to identify the safety hazards often associated with falls and become familiar with the fall protection measures that could save both your life and the lives of your colleagues.

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See how Gardner Builders takes on safety.

Gardner Builders has always made safety a priority. Now they're showcasing their commitment through the Procore Safety Qualified Program. As Bob Gardner, Founder and CEO of Gardner Builders puts it, "It goes without saying, we want not only our team members to go home safe but everyone who interacts on the projects that we work on. We want to make sure that we provide information and guidelines, and Procore Safety Qualified allows us the opportunity to make sure that folks understand that."

Watch the video and find out how Gardner Builders has increased safety on their jobsite with the Procore Safety Qualified Program.

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How to get started.

  1. Fill out the form to register for the Procore Safety Qualified series.
  2. Receive your registration confirmation through email.
  3. Follow the link to the Procore Safety Qualified courses.
  4. Take the courses.
  5. Once you have completed 5 Procore Safety Qualified courses, you'll be directed to fill out a request form to receive your Procore Safety Qualified hard hat sticker.
  6. Adhere your sticker to your hard hat to show your commitment to the safety of yourself and others on the jobsite.

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