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Case Study

Commodore Builders puts their project data to work to optimize safety

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Commodore Uses Analytics to Quickly Adapt to a Changing Environment

The Challenge

Commodore Builders had a challenge getting information they needed from their data systems as fast as they needed it. While they had many process improvement initiatives, they needed a better way to track progress and identify new areas of opportunity. They usually relied on spreadsheets to collect data for current and upcoming projects. But that approach had limits, which was even more apparent when they needed to collect daily health data during the pandemic. Off-the-shelf point solutions were not scalable. They needed software that could meet their growing needs and was easily accessible for the entire company.

The Solution

Procore Analytics offered Commodore the opportunity to aggregate data for analysis and customize their reports to fit the company’s needs. Since they already used Procore for project management, they already had their information in a central location. With the addition of Procore Analytics, they were able to use the information to produce dashboards to monitor their projects and initiatives and generate new insights that weren’t possible in a spreadsheet. What’s more, with the help of field-based data collection tools integrated in Procore’s platform they could pull in the health and wellness information they needed for compliance and reporting.

Procore Analytics allowed the company to begin maintaining a complete record of project compliance that ensured they stayed on the right side of health, safety, and regulations.

The Results

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Procore Enhances Jobsite Safety

With Procore, Commodore could expedite reporting on demographics and COVID health monitoring in order to stay current with regulations regarding health and safety. “With the onset of COVID, rules and regulations were changing at a rapid pace,” says Chuck Borstel, Vice President of Safety. “The intuitiveness of Procore Analytics allowed us to adapt in a meaningful manner. We learned a lot during that time, and were applying those processes to different areas of the business.”

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Analytics Provide Insights Needed to Scale

Procore Analytics generated reports that identified their most critical areas for growth, empowering them to make more impactful, data-driven decisions.

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Immediate ROI on Reporting

Commodore saw significant acceleration in data collection, compliance in the field, and analysis in the first month.

If you're entering data into Procore to pull it into a spreadsheet, you're wasting time. If you're entering data into Procore and leverage Analytics, the possibilities are endless. And it really does inform great business decisions by looking at how you're doing. It tells a story.

Amanda Finnerty

Director of Internal Operations

Procore Analytics for Safer Projects

Commodore wanted to be able to measure how well their teams were complying with COVID safety protocols. They needed to identify where there were gaps in the data and where they needed to make improvements, and Procore Analytics has made a huge impact for them.

"Procore Analytics has been a game-changer in how we track performance," says Chuck Borstel, Vice President of Safety. "It allows us to hold our internal and external teams accountable for being safe. With that accountability we’ve seen a dramatic up-tick in compliance, which has resulted in safer jobsites."

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Centralize its data

Commodore found using Procore Analytics made it easy to keep their data in one place and the team got comfortable using Analytics on a regular basis.

“When we added Procore Analytics, I saw this amazing shift in our organization. Now they can see the value of getting data the right way. Analytics not only allows us to track and trend, but also provides insights on where to dig in to make the right improvements over time. It’s really changed the whole culture,” says Finnerty.

Finnerty says Procore Analytics has changed the culture of their organization. Once their teams began to understand how Analytics could help them improve their projects, they wanted to explore its capabilities more and more.

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