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Why choose Procore vs. Autodesk Construction Cloud

Now is the time to choose Procore’s top-ranked construction management software.

Awards badges

Procore received multiple #1 rankings in JBKnowledge’s Annual Construction Technology Report. 5 years running.

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#1 in Daily Reporting

Keep track of every project detail with a tool that offers so much more than just field notes.

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#1 in Photo/Video Capture

Use your smartphone or tablet to capture, store, and share your project photos and videos in a secure online archive.

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#1 in Time Management

Log time across multiple projects, from anywhere on any device, stored all in one place.

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#1 in Safety Management

Understand, predict, and correct issues before they become a problem.

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#1 in Plan Management

Connect your teams and project information so you can make better decisions, faster.

G2 users rate Procore higher than the competition. Across the board.

Procore vs Autodesk comparison chart

Data is scoped to the Construction Project Management category. All reviews were collected as of February 10, 2022. Autodesk Construction Cloud, and BIM 360 are registered trademarks of Autodesk, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries and/or affiliates in the USA and/or other countries. All other brand names, product names or trademarks belong to their retrospective holders.

Procore workflow

“My team has 100% of project info in one place.”

“We were managing and paying for Sage for accounting, Autodesk for drawing management, and three other solutions — none of which talked to each other. With Procore, my team and I have 100 percent of project information in one place and in our hands at all times. No matter where we're located.”

Jay Bangert, Project Executive at The Hagerman Group

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*The opinions expressed above reflect those persons’ personal experiences and opinions about the product(s).

Screenshot of Procore's reports

"We would’ve been in 6 different software environments."

“When we first made the switch, we started looking at just drawing solutions. We quickly realized we needed something more all-encompassing. If we hadn’t looked at the bigger picture — at the whole company’s needs — we would’ve made a wrong decision. Without Procore, we would’ve found ourselves working in six different software environments.”

Julian Sontag, Project Manager for KWA Construction

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*The opinions expressed above reflect those persons’ personal experiences and opinions about the product(s).

Ipad with competitors on a board

“We looked at the combined Autodesk Plangrid/eSUB subscription cost — and the option was not competitive with Procore."

"We have not second-guessed our decision. Procore is more automated, it’s more collaborative, and it’s a better tool for bridging the office and the field.”

Greg Conn, Director of Operations at Therma

Procore gives you what you need.

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Unlimited Users

Invite trade partners to work together with your team on the same platform and eliminate the need to manage user licenses or monitor access.

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Unlimited Data

Your projects are complex, but managing your documents, photos, and data shouldn’t be. With Procore, all your information is accessible, accurate, and secure.

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Unrivaled Support

Get up and running quickly. From implementation to ongoing service, get access to our world-class support without any hidden fees or fine print.

Resources for Selecting the Best Construction Software

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A step-by-step guide for evaluating today’s software solutions.

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