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Case Study

RailWorks Accelerates With Procore's Cutting-Edge Platform

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Civil and Infrastructure Contractor Improves Effective Communication and Progress With Procore

The Challenge

RailWorks, a leader in the civil and infrastructure construction industry, faced an all-too-common challenge: Its tech was outdated and inefficient — as a result, team communication was cumbersome and a source of project risk. The organization needed a way to streamline information sharing, speed up essential processes and ultimately become more efficient in day-to-day operations.

The Solution

When Cheyenne Grubbs joined RailWorks, the company had just adopted Procore. Having used it on pilot projects in her previous role, Grubbs was eager to explore Procore's potential and help RailWorks take full advantage of the platform. By augmenting field teams’ tool belts with Procore-empowered tablets, Grubbs and RailWorks enabled teams to update their logs and forms instantaneously. This change eliminated the need for paper forms, reduced time to see results and significantly improved communication between the field and office.

The Results

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Immediate Updates and Improved Communication

The fact that information in Procore is always up to date for the whole team has been a game-changer for RailWorks, allowing the teams to make better-informed decisions, respond to issues more rapidly and ensure work is completed to the highest standards.

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A Flexible, Adaptable Way Forward

Procore’s versatility allows users to customize the platform to fit the organization’s needs. The adaptability of Procore extends to integrations like accounting systems, making it a powerful asset for streamlining operations throughout the construction lifecycle.

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A Partner With Industry Expertise

Procore allows RailWorks to focus on what matters most to any heavy civil builder: its people. With an adaptable, built-for-construction platform, RailWorks now has the tools and ease of access that office and field teams need to get meaningful work done without the headache. Procore’s industry-specific focus has helped RailWorks become more efficient and effective in project delivery.

A construction platform, to me, is where we can get our work done. You can look on your phone, you can get on a laptop, you can see your entire contract, all your drawings and specs. We’re able to update our logs and keep working instantaneously; no matter where the team is, no matter where I am.

Cheyenne Grubbs

Office Engineer

Meet RailWorks

RailWorks was founded in 1998, but as a conglomerate of many esteemed construction entities, its stories date back over a hundred years. Now North America’s leading rail contractor, RailWorks offers a myriad of services for industrial and transit projects and honors its roots with a staunch commitment to quality and consistency.

A long tradition of construction excellence is something RailWorks shares with Grubbs, an Office Engineer. In fact, that history was part of what brought her to RailWorks in the first place. “I saw the potential in Procore, so I went and did every certification I could find in the Procore system.” Grubbs’ experience with Procore made her an attractive potential employee, and RailWorks has seen how hiring and training with the platform in mind can help progress its goals.

Railworks' train tracks and station

Bridging the Generational Divide

In today's rapidly evolving construction landscape, embracing technology is crucial for civil and infrastructure builders to keep pace with other sectors of the industry. In her work with RailWorks, Grubbs saw first-hand how a platform built for construction could transform the industry and include more people in its growth.

Procore's ease of use has helped bridge the generational gap, with even long-time industry professionals embracing the platform. Procore’s commitment to the construction industry and the platform’s fully customizable systems have won over seasoned veterans.

RailWorks’ partnership with Procore has also been effective in helping attract and recruit younger generations. “My generation grew up with technology,” says Grubbs. “It’s second nature, and the more we can bring that into the construction industry, the easier everything will be in the future.” By making technology accessible, Procore is helping to modernize the heavy civil construction industry and bring together professionals of all ages.

Patching the Communication Gap

Unlike in the past, RailWorks’ partnership with Procore means that office and field teams can communicate in real time. “We’ve really bridged the gap with field office communication with Procore,” says Grubbs. “That’s been a real game-changer for us because field-to-office communication has always been a big challenge we’ve faced.” Improved communication means less rework across the board.

“A construction platform, to me, is really where we can get our work done,” says Grubbs. “You can look on your phone, you can get on a laptop, you can see your entire contract, all your drawings and specs.” Having a centralized digital data source is just one of many advantages of Procore.

Many in construction face the same challenges, but Procore’s construction-specific design and support made it easy for RailWorks to join the digital era. “The tool that I can’t go a day without is Procore’s Forms tool,” says Grubbs. “I handed out field iPads to our welders, our laborers, our foreman. Now they all have access to our documents in Procore and aren’t searching for paper forms. I have weld reports on every single weld we do the second they are done. We’re able to update our logs and keep working instantaneously, no matter where the team is and no matter where I am.”

A railway under construction, with workers and cranes on site

Working Smarter With Procore

This improvement in communication allows the RailWorks teams to make better-informed decisions, respond to issues more rapidly and ensure work is completed to the highest standards. “We also see a lot of cost savings because I'm not having to get in the truck, go out on the job site and track down the paperwork that may or may not exist — and the team isn't having to take time out of their day to bring that to me, either,” says Grubbs.

With Procore, managers can monitor projects closely and access project documentation easily, providing team members with the information needed to keep stakeholders informed about project progress. Additionally, Procore's reporting capabilities have simplified the process of tracking project performance and identifying areas for improvement, helping RailWorks stay on top of its game.

“Sometimes I hear people say, ‘Hey, this is just like any other platform,’ but it's not,” says Grubbs about Procore. “Technology improves the lives of people in construction. You save a lot of time, you save a lot of energy and you save a lot of effort.” With Procore, RailWorks is pushing the envelope in civil and infrastructure construction to deliver top-tier work and improve quality of life for all of its employees.

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