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Builder's Club

Builder's Club

You are a pretty big deal! And that's why this club is built for you. Get inside the most exclusive Procore VIP club, built for professionals like you.

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"Builder's Club is a great information sharing and educational platform disguised in a fun, interactive package. Coupled with a bit of friendly competition amongst peers and the opportunity to earn rewards—what's not to like?"

Andy Schuller, P.E.
Raffin Construction

Everyone's talking about it.

This is the club everyone wants to be a part of. Why? Because you get rewarded for just being you. Which is pretty cool because the things you do everyday earn you points. And those points earn you rewards, like gift cards, taco trucks visiting your jobsite, and well most importantly, street cred (plus so much more)!

The water cooler talk has never been hotter because your colleagues are earning rewards left and right. That cool Procore polo shirt you saw on your friend last week? It was earned from a few surveys (just giving your opinion!), a reference call, and a Roadshow speaking engagement that helped put your peer's career on the main stage. And now they're looking sharp too! All because they're in the club.

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Procore Builder's Club

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You are a valued Procore client and partner, so you should be in the club! It's one click above or below, then sign in with your Procore account. That's it!

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