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Share Your Thoughts. Shape Our Future.

In Builders Club, our members help us define what comes next. It's not about what you do on the jobsite—it's a club for those who want to build the future.

“Engaging with product surveys and providing feedback inside of Procore’s Builder’s Club makes me feel like I’m influencing platform developments that really affect the end users experience. Additionally, being able to sign up for beta test opportunities and engage with other power users has been very impactful.”

Nichole Carter

Technology Implementation & Adoption Manager

Big-D Construction

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Care about the cutting edge? Well, join the club.

The next big thing will be discovered by those who ask the big questions. You can help out by letting us listen to your answers. Here's what you'll get in return.

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Make your voice heard

Influence the future of Procore through surveys, product feedback, and research—just to name a few.

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Take part in our process

Receive exclusive, first-look access to product updates and get the opportunity to participate in beta programs.

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Accept our thanks

Be recognized for your contributions and earn points to distinguish your expertise.

If you want to be heard, you have to speak up.

To be a member of Builders Club, your first step is to join Procore Community. Start engaging with your community and begin collecting points. 400 points earns you an invitation. See you soon.

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