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June 29, 2020

Introducing Root Cause Analysis

Understanding the data behind important metrics and finding the cause of a problem, like a spike in incidents or injuries, is a vital part of mitigating risk and promoting safety. That’s why in the Quality and Safety report, we added the ability to perform root cause analysis and exploration of quality and safety metrics.

In this report, buttons along the top allow users to view data for Incidents, Observations, Inspections, or Punch Items. The Incidents view has additional selections for analysis, letting users analyze either incident occurrences or injuries. Each view contains a dynamic visual, which enables AI-driven root cause analysis and user-driven exploration. There are also filtering options in the upper right and quick reference charts along the left that call out important data and allow for easy cross-filtering.

With root cause analysis, users can click to break down a metric by a specific field and its values, or they can use AI to identify and display the next field that impacts the chosen metric the most.

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