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March 15, 2021

Introducing Procore’s T&M Tickets to Change Management Workflow

Today, the majority of specialty contractors are using paper & excel to manage and document extra work throughout the course of the project. These methods are leading to a lack of field-to-office visibility, potential delays, and disputes that result in the inability to recoup payment for work performed.

Procore’s new T&M to change management workflow makes flagging, managing, and submitting formal changes for out-of-scope work seamless. This helps increase your opportunity to recoup payment and reduce the time it takes to document and communicate extra work activities.

LEM units are documented in Procore’s T&M Tickets, remotely verified via signature request, then can be pushed seamlessly into a Change Event, where rates and markups are quickly added before submitted in a formal change order.

"For extra work we have to pay for the labor and material used. Too often our team in the office has to do hours if not days worth of investigations to understand who signed a ticket and what was completed so that we can convert a ticket into a change and get it to our customer so we can get paid for the work performed.Now with Procore’s T&M Ticket solution not only do we get clean easy to read tickets with real-time visibility into the status of work but it takes seconds to convert it to a Change Event so I can get it to my customer in minutes not hours or weeks." Justin Weidner, Civil Division Manager, A&R Services, Inc.

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