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September 24, 2020

Get the most out of your data with Procore Analytics

Today, the majority of our project data goes unused. Most of our industry leaders already recognize this data is a resource but so far, few folks have figured out a strategy for harnessing it. This poor data usage ultimately contributes to a massive loss of money, wasted time and resources, and unnecessarily elevated safety risks.

So we’ve introduced a new bundle of reports, tailored for owners in Procore Analytics. The Procore Analytics Owner Report is designed to provide users with high-level insights into the health of projects in their Procore portfolio. This report highlights key data points to support risk management for financial and schedule activities. Identify key budget and scheduler influencers, root causes of over-budget projects and schedules, perform budget benchmarking, and perform budget snapshot comparisons.

Get the most out of your data with the new Procore Analytics Owner Report.

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