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Custom Documentation for Construction

Your customizable support site.

Keep your teams up and running by customizing Procore’s support documentation to fit your company’s standard operating procedures (SOPs).

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Help your team help themselves.

The way you do business is unique—your Procore documentation can be too. Start with documentation from Procore’s free support site, then customize it to reflect the way you want your teams to use Procore. 

  • Create a 24/7, custom-branded help center 
  • Increase efficiency with self-help resources like tutorials and FAQs
  • Customize resources by role or project stage
  • Re-enforce standardized processes across projects
  • Publish non-Procore SOPs on construction-related learnings
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Make upkeep easy.

When Procore gets an update, your Training Center documentation will too.

  • Reduce the need for manual content updates
  • Drive consistent usage of Procore across all projects
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Never stop improving.

Teams do their best work when they don’t have to spend their days searching for help. Create a single source of training so it’s easy to access and easy to pull big-picture insights about where your team needs more training.

  • Find links to self-help articles related to the tools you’re working on in the Procore platform 
  • Track your most-viewed content to cater your training strategy
  • Create "live" documents that you can edit at any time
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“Time savings in updating training materials; 8 hours a month. Time saved by users not having to seek out information; 4 hours a month per user. Consistency of SOPs across the organization? Priceless.”

Amanda Finnerty

Director of Internal Operations

Commodore Builders

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